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The Company was founded in 2011 on the basis of a project created in the Kama State Academy of Engineering and Economics («INECA»). On December, 2010, the project was awarded a diploma in the Republican Contest «50 Best Innovative ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan », «Idea -1000» in nomination «Start 1».


Gabdrashit Gabdulbarovich Khakimov – Director General, 63, in business since 1991.  He has an experience in cooperation with foreign companies, the relations with which are maintained until now (China).

Asfandiyar Khaliullovich Khayrullin – Senior Research Supervisor, 70, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, founder of the project, engaged in designing the system, creating models and algorithms, Director of the R&D Center “Problems of machinery construction” of INEKA University.

Samat Nizametdinovich Timergaliyev – Scientific Consultant, 43, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor.

Timur Nailevich Karimov – programmer, 25, graduate student, programmer and algorithm compiler in the company, tracks the achievements of competitors.

Alexander Evgenievich Shirokov – programmer, 22, student, controls the operation of programs in the company.


The software product for the calculation of the optimal road traffic, including optimal distribution of multiple vehicles among customers, as well as formation of an optimal route for each vehicle, taking into consideration different conditions and restrictions. The system will be implemented on the basis of a client-server architecture, with the support of state-of-the-art DBMS from various manufacturers.

Proposed software has two certificates of state registration of computer program (No. 201061245 and No. 2010616013).

An analysis of the market

There are many systems in Russia which allow to plan an optimal route between two locations («Navitel», «Navigator», «Business PRO», «proLOG», and so on). On the regional scale it is «Business Map» system; programs «TopLogistic», «ANTOR Logistic Master», «Business Pro», «Trans Trade».

Competitive advantages of the proposed software product over main analogous products are as follows:

Efficient solution of traffic optimization problems for almost all possible dimensions for a reasonable time for  the working conditions (not more than 10 minutes);

Taking into account various restrictions and conditions that occur during the process of solving optimization problem (for vehicles, road networks, consumers, characteristics of drivers, shape and geometry of a vehicle body, axle configuration, etc.);

Carrying out the given route will be controlled in the proposed system using the GLONASS system .

Investment needs

$1 000 000. 

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