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The date of foundation – March 28, 2007. Within the project realized by the company, veterinary melatonin containing pharmaceutical products of new generation for safekeeping and increase of animal efficiency is being developed.  The project is the winner of the contest: «The 50 best innovated ideas of the Republic of Tatarstan and «Idea-1000»; International Salon «Arkhimed-2008», Kazan venture exhibition. 


Authors and participants of the project (“Vetta-servis” OOO (Limited Liability Company) NPP) have more than 20-years of work experience in the sphere of synthetic organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry and veterinary medicine, as well as in the sphere of foundation and organization of veterinary preparations production. Team structure– 4 doctors and 4 candidates of sciences from the Institute of organic and physical chemistry named after A.E. Arbuzov of Kazan science centre of the Russian Academy of Science, of Kazan State Academy of veterinary medicine named after N.E. Bauman,  FGU “The Federal center of toxicological and radiological safety of animals” (FGU “FTSTRB-VNIVI”).


2 pharmaceutical drugs have been developed and are planned for realization: Melapol Plus and Vetamex.

Melapol Plus represents the implanted preparation of prolonged action consisting of melatonin - synthetic analog of a hormone of corpus pineale participating in many processes of warm-blooded animals and a human being activity, phenazepam – pharmacon of tranquilizing action, PVC plasticiser and biodegradable polymer.

Vetamex represents the implanted preparation of the prolonged action consisting of synthetic melatonin, ksimedon – pharmacon of immunostimulating action and polymer matrix.

Both pharmacons represent tablets of cylindrical form with mass of 50±2,0 mg and diameter 2,0 - 2,4 mm of brown colour. At the present time licence record is being drawn for receiving a licence to produce pharmacons. Also a registration record for Vetamex state registration is being drawn.

An analysis of the market

Pharmaceutical forms on the basis of synthetic melatonin: Melakril  and Melakril-E, Melaxen, Ukalin, Melapur, Vitae-Melatonin (Producers: Unipharm, Pharmaceutical Inc, Genzyme Corporation, USA, Kiev Vitamin factory), VITA-Melatonin have been developed and introduced into treatment practice in the world.

Medical product Melapol on the basis of synthetic melatonin for fur farm industry has been applied successfully on beastfarms of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tatarstan and the neighboring countries since 1996.

Potential consumers – pig-breeding farms of agri-industrial complex of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation.

Principal competitors – company manufactures of medicinal products for veterinary. Direct competitors are absent. The expected share of the market after 2011 may total up to 30% of the Russian market of the veterinary drugs increasing productive efficiency of farm animals.

Main advantages of medication are:

- maintenance of pigs safety since early stages till the slaughter period up to 100%

- increase in their body weight during the first months of life up to 10-30%,

- long durable action (more than 100 days) at very-low-doses of active ingredients (less than 0,075 mg/per day),

- one-time use of medical products for the whole growing period;

- low cost.

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