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NPC «Univer TekhnoBitum»

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Date of creation – August 20, 2010. Innovative modern research - and - production complex, oriented to organization of unique and completed cycle – “fundamental science – research study – о development activity - organization of production”.


Kemalov Alim Feizrakhmanovich - scientific consultant. Doctor of Engineering, professor, director of NTC NIU KSTU "Natural bitumen”, the supervisor REC "Neftekhimproduct", Academy of Natural Sciences, a member of the Scientific Council of the Presidium of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences for scientific and technical and innovation policy.

Gainullin Vasil Ilyasovich - Director, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of Control Department of Holding Company "Tatnefteproduct."

Kemalov Ruslan Alimovich - Deputy Director of Innovation, Ph.D., associate professor, Ph.D. SRI KSTU, State Prize Winner of RT in the field of science and technology, the head of teaching and research laboratories highly viscous oil and natural bitumen HTPNG NIU KSTU, professor.


Creation of nano-capsular structures of polyfunctional binding materials, preparation of nanocrystalline ultradisperse materials:- depressant-dispersant additives (DCF) for refining  of oils and oil fuel;-common  polyfunctional modifiers of  PFM series for  bitumen and bitumen products with  improved property package.

Trademarks – “ winterized additive diesel oil”, “DCF  for oil fuels”, “Modified bitumen «БНД-М” for asphalt covering production”, “Polyfunctional modifier for bitumen and bitumen products”, “ Modifier of road asphalt “МДБ”, « Polyfunctional modifier (PFM) of bitumen”, “roll roofing material  and damp-proof  facing bituminous-polymeric water-proof “Myagkrov” etc.

An analysis of the market

Evaluation of the results based on the planned share perspectives on the market: RT - 80 - 100%, Russia - 10-15%. According to forecasts of the company «Purvin & Gertz» by 2015 total demand for diesel fuel will increase by 55 million tons. The need for DCF will be up to 112 tons / year. Potential customers are companies and research and production company and petrochemical complex, road construction, agricultural profile, such as refueling bases for civilian and military purposes, are directly involved in providing a wide, sales, storage, fuel and lubricants.

The total volume of bitumen in Tatarstan 220-260 tons / year, the need for modifier to 26 thousand tons / year for RF volumes increase.

Investment needs

$ 500 thous.

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