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Since 2008 “SKM” LLC is engaged in development of LED module-clusters (cluster lines), which can be used in different advertising modules, in interior highlighting and in forming LED screens. “SKM” LLC plans to involve “Runline” LLC  in press mold manufacturing, full scale testing and cluster line installation.


Aleksey Aleksandrovich Kleoshkin –Director General, project scientific advisor. Administrative management, management of research and scientific, experimental works; project design management of refining industrial patterns; research and development result monitoring

Artem Olegovich Obmolov – programming supervisor. Software development, task description for development and monitoring its implementation.


The main competitive advantage of the project is uniqueness of the developed technology and module-clusters, i.e. technological advantage. This advantage is in simplicity of the cluster line installation. The developed technology makes it possible to make a continuous chain of clusters using only one controller, but not using one controller per 1cluster line. As well the technology allows to set necessary colors cores in software. Low price of the product should be noted as well, it increases competitiveness of the manufactured products.

Useful model patent “application for creating dynamically exchangeable images” No. 79975 was received on 23.10.2008.

An analysis of the market

According to the industry experts, in 2011 the global market of LED technologies was estimated to $12,5 billion. By 2020 LED market can reach $65 billion, average annual growth rates will increase by 20%.  The most effectively LED technologies are used in TV lighting, displays; mobile computing devices; terminals; lighting; vehicles and etc.

As of today the Russian market of LED chips and crystals is completely imported, share of foreign producers is 95-98%. The segment Import volume exceeded 170 mln. dollars in 2011, at the same time over the 2007 to 2011 was observed triple volume growth (in terms of money). The following leaders of the market of cluster LED Lines production and selling can be distinguished in the Russian market: “Crystalight” (China), «Electrical Light Factory» (China) and others. In addition, on the basis of foreign parts the following companies are engaged in assembling and selling LED lighting technologies: modules, lines, lamps, LED Screens and others: RDC «Optonika», «Display systems» ООО, «Svetoform», APEC «DiMedia» and others.

Investment needs

$300 000

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