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Date of creation: December 2010. The company works over software development on the ground of cloud computing technologies. Main direction is development of online-services, automating the processes of small and medium-sized businesses companies segment.


Pereyaslavskiy Gleb Vasiljyevich – director, 24 years old. He has a five year old experience of participation in projects on development and maintenance of software product of different degree of complexity.

Araslanov Airat Shamiljyevich – specialist, 24 years old. During the last five years he is busy with  various IT-projects as technical expert and consultant. He worked with such companies as RusGidro, FSK EES and others.


Work product is a platform of users teamwork in a small company or project, providing communication effectiveness through integration with big quantity of existing enterprise application of other vendors.

Currently active product development is carried out; public Beta start is being prepared.

An analysis of the market

It is planned to promote the product on international market. Market volume of corporate SaaS- applications in 2010 amounted 8,5 bln. dollars. Systems for safety net and teamwork, along with CRM- decisions, continue to remain the largest SaaS market segments: in 2009 SaaS share was 4% of income in sphere of applications for corporate content management (ECM) and approximately  82% - in  applications segment for  Web conferences. Assumed company interest by the end of 2014 on the market of communications safety net and teamwork is16%.

There is no exact product analog. At the present moment such Russian products as Megaplan, DaOffice, Comindwork, 1С-Bitrix can be considered as indirect competitors.

Investment needs

$ 150 thous. 

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