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Creation date: 02.2011. The company was created for realization of project “Development of new generation contrast agents (CА) for magnetic resonance tomography (MRT). CA is in demand in medicine for getting of contrasting MRI scan of internals and diagnostics of pathologies”. The project is directed on replacement of import CA with domestic products with higher operational parameter and cheaper price, with potential entry to foreign markets. The project attracted investing of Fund for the Promotion of the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere and IVF of RT as a winner of awards “Idea 1000” I category “Start-1’ (2010 ) and participant of the KFU (Kazan Federal University) program on  development of innovation infrastructure.


Amirov Rustem Rafaelyevich – President of the Company, 52 years old. Doctor of Chemistry, professor, the mover of ideas on contrast MRT-agents development.

Zyavkina Yulia Igorevna – General Director of the Company, 36 years old. Candidate of chemical sciences, A.P of Kazan Federal University. Specialist in the sphere of bioinorganic chemistry.

Ziyatdinova Anna Bulatovna – coordinator of works on chemical direction, 27 years old. Candidate of chemical sciences, co-author of RF patent on this theme.


The product will be in ampoules with contrast agent solution, meant for intravenous or oral injection to organism.

Use of contrast agents (CA) allows to receive sharper images in magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) method, used in medicine on diagnostics of new growths, nervous system and circulatory illnesses diseases, respiratory system, digestive apparatus and urogenital system. As CA compositions are used, which contain metal complexes.

An analysis of the market

Leading  players on the CA market for MRT (world market volume is more than $ 3 bln.) are three international companies: Bayer Schering (Germany), Nycomed (Norway) and Guerbet (France), supplying its products, including RF. In 2008 MRT-studies quantity in RF reached 1,0 million, among them approximately 1/3 were carried out using contrast agents. design market of CA for MRT in Russia  is $ 30 million (our expected interest - 50%).

Existing commercial CA are insufficiently effective in contrast study (in 10-15 times lower than ones under development), comparatively expensive (more, than 2 times in comparison with offered). There is no CA production in RF that is why there is a major problem in import substitution of CA (“Magnevist”, Gadovist”, “Omniscan” and others).

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