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The specialists of Kazan State Technological University offer a solution to this problem – a developed certified laboratory and expert software system for testing and polymers application properties management. The company "Center for Mathematical Modeling" was established with the aim to develop activities in this area.


Alexander G. Shamov. - Director, provides overall management of the company.

Guzel A. Aminova, Scientific Adviser


The major products of the company are:

Software package. The models that underlie the software system will take into account complex mechanisms of polymerization process in the light of fluid flow and heat transfer in the system, as well as characteristics of real process.

Certification services (quality control of the product). The project plans to obtain accreditation for product certification of factories for production of synthetic rubber and other petrochemical products.

The company currently operates in know-how regime.

An analysis of the market

The leading market participants for certification services are: Testing Laboratory "Plastics", "Institute of Plastics named after G.S. Petrov” OAO (Open Joint-Stock Company), "Testing Center of Saransk Plant" Rezinotekhnika” OAO, Testing Laboratory of "Volzhskrezinotehnika " OAO,  Test Center " Balakovorezinotekhnika " OAO, Test Center " Kurskrezinotekhnika " ZAO (Closed Joint-Stock Company),  central factory test laboratory of " Cherkessk plant of rubber technical products " ZAO, testing laboratory of "Kazan synthetic rubber plant" OAO, Test Centre of Scientific and Technical Center "Kama" OOO.

The target consumers are organizations that produce plastics and rubbers. Significant competitive advantages offered by products enabled the company to put the price on the laboratory software package at 3000.00 rub.($ 106.6 ), tech. support - at 450.00 thou. rubles. ( $ 16.00thou. ), certification services - 3,00 thousand rubles. ($ 106.6.)

Investment needs

$300 000

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