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Iiko system creation project was started in August, 2005, by David Yan and Maxim Nalsky. In 2008 «Troika Dialog» company invested several million dollars in development of the project. Iiko offices are situated in Moscow and Kazan cities. Iiko propagation geography is biggest cities of Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, and CIS countries, Ukraine, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan,  Uzbekistan and others.


Roman Sergeyevich Avramov, 33 years. General manager. Roman works in the field of IT more than 13 years,

Vasily Sergeyevich Yartsev, 32 years. Commercial manager, fulfils automation of organizations in hospitality industry 12 years.

Timur Yagafarovich Bagayev, 36 years. He combines the job of iiko business development manager with leadership of the introduction department. Earlier worked in restaurant business, had time to realize a number of large managerial project in this field.


Family of solutions iiko is meant for integrated management material, financial and human resources of the restaurant. Unlike other systems, iiko provides total integration of all business processes: sales and storehouse, finances and wages, video surveillance.

To protect its intellectual property the company conducted state registration for its programs developed for PC:

Certificate № 2010610637 «System for integrated automation of business of network and separate gas stations iikoPetroleum (iikoPetroleum)»

Certificate №2010612204 «Restaurant business management system iikoRMS (iikoRMS)»

Certificate №2010612203 «Restaurant networks management system iikoChain (iikoChain)»

Certificate №2010612205 «Patrons loyalty management system iikoCRM (iikoCard)»

The company is a rightholder of the trade mark IIKO.

Now more than 2100 establishments use iiko technology for restaurant business, the work on development of functionality of solutions, and new products. Partners network amounts more than 140 companies, which specialize in integrated automation of organizations.

An analysis of the market

Market of restaurant business automation, approximately, amounts about $90 millions. About 30% of market is Moscow, about 60% – other cities millionaires. Planned share of market iiko till 2013 – 30%.

Competitive advantages:

Solution: tools usual for restaurants iiko are supplemented with modern high tech means, which permit quickly and simply solve many current problems in the restaurant’s daily life.

Staff: the biggest designers team in the field

Experience: big interest to iiko from restaurant networks appeared right after its entering the market, and now we work with the key players of this market: Hospitality planet, Coffee-house, Arkady Novikov’s SC, Yolki-Palki, SC «Tashir», Dunkin Donuts, Old granary and many others.

Investment needs

$ 10 000 тыс.

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