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The company is established in March 2011 under the aegis of the departments of applied and landscape ecology of the Institute of Ecology and Geography at KFU. For solving problems of organic waste utilization (production wastes of food, animal, plant industry, dairy and meat, confectionary and bakery, brewing and others) the authors of the project propose to create an engineering and consulting center. The key function of the center will be to develop waste utilization plans using bioassay techniques, to prepare biological preparations of microorganism-decomposers for waste parts of each specific enterprise. The team has wide experimental experience with wastes of RT enterprises, as well as developments protected by law as know-how.


Leysan Gabbasovna Akhmetzanova – Director General, 28 y.o., PhD of Biology, conducts financial administration of the company, provides internal and external document control in the company, company budgeting, works with suppliers of raw materials.

Svetlana Yurjevna Selivanovskaya - scientific adviser, 55 y.o., Doctor of Biology. She leads main scientific researches of the company and has wide experience in researching the organic waste utilization impact, supported by Russian and foreign publications.

Polina Yurjevna Galitzkaya – scientific consultant, 30 y.o., PhD of Biology, she has wide work experience with the republican industrial enterprises; she is engaged in developing a business-plan, promoting the developed product to the market and working with investors.



Consulting services on plan development of joint biological utilization of bulk industrial wastes in RT, with due account for their features and origin, and combined use of properties peculiar to a certain type of waste and potential mobilization of waste-inhabiting microorganisms.

Consulting services on assortment of scientifically founded mass mixing ratio for biological utilization out of different waste features, selection of the decomposition mode depending on physical and chemical properties of the made mixtures.

Individually selected microorganism strains from among the native microbial flora for increasing the process efficiency.

An analysis of the market

Enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan and neighboring regions.

Investment needs

$300 000

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