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Droog Kompanii ООО is organized in March 2009. At the present moment main partners of the project are ОАО «АК BARS» BANK, ОАО HK “Tatnefteprodukt”, ОАО “MTS”, MasterCard Europe Sprl. Cooperation agreements were concluded with companies INPAS and Sitronics. The company earned prizes in “100 best goods of RT” and “100 best goods of RF”, and also received long-termed target support from MasterCard Europe Sprl and investments from ZPIF of particularly risk-laden (venture) capital investments «Regional  venture) capital investments fund to small business enterprises in research and technology in Republic of Tatarstan».


Khusainov Vildan Ilsunovich – a chairman of the board of directors ООО Droog Kompanii, 38 years old. Higher education. He has a great experience in conduct of business projects. He is a project establisher.

Timurshin Timur Yunusovich –  a director of ООО Droog Kompanii, 31 years old. Higher education. He runs the project since 2009.

Ibragimov Ilshat ilgizarovich – a head of sales department, 25years old. Higher education. He participated in introduction to the market of common product of ООО Droog Kompanii and  ОАО MTS - Tariff plan “Droog Kompanii”.


“Droog Kompanii” - coalitional Loyalty Program, carried out on bank cards (MasterCard and Visa) with EMV chip, allowing placing several appendices: bank, bonus, social and etc. Customer loyalty is formed through offering him motivations from partners and banks for shopping using the card. The program is effective for all participants.

An analysis of the market

“Droog Kompanii” project market conforms to bank card market. Market capacity in Republic of Tatarstan is about 3,5 mln. cards. Quantity of active cards is 1,7 mln. rubles. Functional analogues are local loyalty programs of trade companies and bonus clubs. “Droog Kompanii” program’s interest in Republic of Tatarstan on the chip card market is approximately 40 %.

Investment needs

$ 3000 thous

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