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Limited liability Company “Basalt-ArmStroy” was established in January 2011. Within the project works are carried out for organizing a small-lot production of basalt and plastic reinforcement on hybrid organo-inorganic adhesives in Kazan or on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The company participates actively in Russian and International conferences (International conference-school on chemistry and physicochemistry of oligomers (Kazan, 2011); Academic conference “Topical issues of building physics” (Moscow, 2011), International scientific conference, dedicated to MGSU-MICE 90th anniversary “Integration, partnership and innovations in construction science and education (Moscow, 2011), International conference on nanotechnology for green and sustainable construction (Cairo, Egypt, 2012), All-Russian scientific conference on architecture and building (Kazan, 2012).


Director – PhD of technical sciences, assistant to vice-principle on research and development of KSUAE Irina Anatoljevna Starovoytova

Scientific consultant – doctor of technical sciences, professor of the production technologies of building materials and articles department (PTBMA), KSUAE Vadim Grigorjevich Khozin

Engineer – postgraduate student of PTBMA department Rizida Azatovna Khalikova

Engineer – postgraduate student of building materials department Stanislav Nikolayevich Fomin

Engineer – PhD of technical sciences, associate professor of physics department Lyubov Mikhailovna Kuznetsova

Laboratory assistant – student Vladimir Sergeevich Nikitin


High-strength and corrosion-proof basalt and plastic reinforcement (BPR) on hybrid organo-inorganic adhesives for replacing steel reinforcements in some building structures, Application: on reinforcing foundation soil and load bearing structures of buildings; in concrete structures of special purpose (acid proof, electro insulating and others); on installing wall enclosing structures (as flexible connectors, facing dowels, etc.); on reinforcing lower structure (geogrids made of non-metallic fittings) and others.

An analysis of the market

High-strength and corrosion-proof basalt and plastic reinforcement (BPR) will be used at the market of housing and public construction. Development of fundamentally new types of adhesives (modified hybrid organo-inorganic) will allow to get structural materials possessing high level of technical characteristic.

Competitive advantages of BPR on modified hybrid organo-inorganic adhesives are: high heat and fire resistance, chemical stability (corrosion resistance). Cost price of the developed raw material is lower than industrial analogs (glass- and basalt and plastic reinforcements, existing on the market) at the expense of incorporation cheap inorganic components into adhesives (expensive components are used in analogs – organic resins – epoxide and vinyl –ether, as well as their hardeners).

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