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The results of preliminary researches conducted by officers of Kazan State Medical University have shown that one of the methods of solving the preventive dental health care problem among the population is creation of a tooth masseur. So, there was Restorative Medicine and Rejuvenation Company established as a result of these researches.

In the framework of the project implementation the Company took part in Russian scientific-and-practical conferences “Human health in the 21st century” and “Preventive dental health care and oral hygiene”, as well as in Kazan Venture Fairs.


Berkheyeva Diana Saidovna – Director General, the project manager. She has 28 printed works, being the author of 2 inventions. She is also the developer of “Tooth masseur” invention.

Ksembayev Said Sal’menovich – scientific adviser on the project, Doctor of Medicine, a professor of Kazan State Medical University.

In addition to the above indicated executives, the team includes 9 more people.


A dental masseur can be used by any person interested in preventive health care and oral cavity health preservation. Children and the Russian Federation armed forces personnel have been chosen as a target group. The product developed by the Company is protected by the Patent for invention “Dental masseur” No. 2292862, and there has been one more patent application submitted (for a dental masseur modification).

An analysis of the market

Such companies as Denticator Co, Vizavi dental clinic / MGMSU, Maximum, OOO are the leading participants of the individual oral hygiene products market.

In 2009 sales of oral cavity care products in Russia reached the amount of $1 340 milliard. At the same time, according to various estimates, the share of tooth-brushes and other special-purpose accessories (dental floss, interdental brushes and so forth) is equal to 10-15%. According to the data of researches carried out by RBK, Russia is the largest importer of tooth brushing accessories. Thus, the share of Russia in the world import volume makes 6,2% in natural units, according to totals obtained for the year of 2008.

There can be 24 to 250 thousand units of dental masseurs potentially sold on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan, with the amount of sales making 720 thousand rub. to 7,5 mln. rub.

Competitive Edges

Dental masseur produces:

- soft mechanical effect on cutting and posterior faces of teeth, thus eliminating conditions for dental deposit forming;

- mechanical effect on the gum (direct massage);

- mediated mechanical effect on teeth, parodentium tissues, masseters (gnathodynamotraining); during this process increase of blood flow is observed in periodontal tissues, in that way their feeding is improved and spare capacities of microhemovasculature increased.

Substantial competitive edges of the offered product have permitted the Company to set the dental masseur price to the level of 30 rub. ($1,1*). 

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