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Results of preliminary surveys carried out by the A.E. Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry of Kazan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences showed that it is possible to create high-tensile strength innovative nanostructured foam plaster materials with reinforcing modifiers – unsaturated carbinols and calixarenes. The Supergips Company was founded for the purpose of obtained results commercialization.


Burilov Aleksandr Romanovich – scientific adviser

Volf V. Khabisher  - scientific associate

Sokolova Victoria Ivanovna - processing engineer


Within the limits of the project «New  technologies elaboration of high-tensile strength innovative nanostructured foam plaster materials production» production technology of foam plaster reinforced by means of self-organizing  supramolecular particles and unsaturated carbinol introduction in a plaster blend, being the project designer’s know-how, are to be created and worked out for the first time. As a result of project realization it is planned to obtain the product for use as heat-insulating materials that will absolutely differ from its analogues used at present in such indicators as density, durability, frost resistance etc.

2011113901- “Supergips” filed the patent application for the invention “Composition for foam mineral white items production” as of April 8, 2011.

An analysis of the market

Today the national project «Affordable housing» is carried out in Russia, houses are actively built under mortgage programs. Builders’ interest in application of new technologies in construction with a view to increase construction rates and to reduce costs for materials, technical equipment, and manpower resources is consequently observed.


Present competitive products: Mineral white modifiers МГ-1, 2, 3  (MG) (developed by Moscow State Constructions University) have been selling-through successfully by “VEFT Company” OOO. Also within the bounds of this field it’s possible to mention such companies as “Stroyevolutsiya” OOO, “Kuban-Polymer” Company, “Reactive” Company, OAO “Polyplast” and others.  Foreign companies mainly presented by Wacker Polymer Systems, Bang and Bonsomer and others.

Economic efficiency of given technology application consists in consumption rate decrease by modifier addition in foam plaster while preserving lightness and high-tensile strength of a material. The manufacturer can produce a foam plaster material that with its lightness and high-tensile strength will be 10-30 % cheaper than the analogues.

Investment needs

Investments: $400 000

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