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“StroyMod» OOO was established in February 2010 for the purpose to commercialize new innovated additives for plaster and concrete. The company community appeared on the base of a research laboratory of FSBI KazSC RAS of IOPC named after A.E. Arbuzov and represents the union of young graduate students and proficient highly experienced employees of the Institute. In 2010 the state contract with FAD SFE in NTS according to the Start-1 program was signed, in the autumn of 2011 scientific research works of new additives development for plaster and concrete were successfully finished.  


Krasnov Sergey  Anatolyevich – Director General, 29 years old. He has higher technical education. He carries out general and strategic management of the company. He has a Certificate that he took a course of upgrade qualifications «Basis of technologies commercialization” (The Russian Presidental Academy of NE).

Berdnik Irina Vitalyevna – scientific supervisor, candidate of chemical sciences, 59 years old. She has experience in production technologies development (release agent «Metros», polyvinyl acetate dispersion, compositions of photosensitive materials).

Magdeev Ildar Mukhtarovich  - scientific consultant, candidate of chemical sciences, 71 years old.  Head of the department of technologies in FSBI IOPC KazSC RAS. Honoured chemist of RT. He has necessary knowledge and experience in the sphere of chemical technology.

Trofimov Alexander Andriyovych  - manufacturing manager, 25 years old. He has higher technical education.

Sinyashin Kirill Olegovich – head of marketing, 30 years old. He has  higher technical education.


Additive for plaster SMG-1.

The developed additive can be applied in various productions of finished products made from plaster. As the additive form is liquid, it is convenient for dispensing and no additional operations of additive dissolution in water are required, it doesn't change plaster products’ colour.

Additive for concrete SMB-1.

Substances as part of additives provide formation of spatial regularized structure of materials, strength and set kinetics of concreting. It combines properties of additives of three types: superplasticizing agent, accelerating agent, decrease of water permeability and antifrost additive.

An analysis of the market

Additive for plaster:

Market capacity of additives – more than 32 thousand tons per year (more $200 million), dynamics 10-12%  per year.

“StroyMod” OOO is planning to occupy 1 % of the market by 2016.

In Russia the basic manufacturers of additives for plaster are:  OAO "PolyPlast", OAO TSDSS "Premix", NPP “NЕО”, “Himpromkomplekt” OOO.

Additive for concrete:

Market capacity of additives for concrete – more 100 thousand tons/per year (more than $200 million), dynamics 15-19% per year.

“StroyMod” OOO  is planning to occupy 1 % of the market by 2016.

In Russia the basic manufacturers of additives for concrete are: “Trade house “SUPERPLAST”, “Zika”, “MC Bauchemie Russia”, “Tsemaktiv”, “Technoplast”, “Himbeton”, “ Tehnopromstroy”, “Mapei” and others.

Investment needs

Investments: $100 000

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