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Nowadays increasing of small size container demand causes growing demand for high-capacity automated machine for bottling of fluids. It was a major precondition for creation of scientific production company “Sezar” in 2005, on which projects of production PET-containers 3000 bottles/hour and portable miniplant for producing of PET-containers and bottling of fluids are based.


Sekachev Vladimir Lvovich – Executive, project manager. Gained wide experience in entering the market of new products and sales promotion including active sales of mineral water and bottled containers producing equipment. Total work experience in such management field – 18 years.

Sekachev Lev Nikolayevich – deputy director, project scientific adviser, candidate of technical sciences, senior staff scientist of Kazan Science Center Academenergo of Russian Academy of Sciences, deputy of chief designer for laser research area of Kazan Experimental-Design Bureau “Soyuz”. At his account 90 inventions and 13 scientific publications. Total work experience in Research and Development field – 45 years.


The company is planning to internalize the production and supply of two products:

1. Automated machine producing PET-containers 3000 bottles/hour.

Raw material heating furnace which imparts energy from incandescent lamp to PET raw material with maximum efficiency forms the distinguishing characteristic of such construction.

2. “KamAZ” truck-borne portable miniplant for producing of PET-containers and bottling of fluids.

Design concepts of automated machine and its main datum nodes are explained in the patent for invention named “Producing of hollow products plant” authored by Sekachev L. N. and others. Patent No. 2297913 as of 05.10.2005.

Significant competitive advantages of offered products allowed the company to set price for automated machine at 2019,73 thousand RUB. (71,74 thousand USD*), for miniplant at the level of 15000,00 thousand RUB (532,86 thousand USD*) 

An analysis of the market

Leading market competitor in producing of PET-containers and bottling are following foreign companies as Sidel (France), KHS Corpoplast (Germany), Gefit (Italy), Sipa (Italy), Nissei ASB (japan). Among Russian enterprises can be identified the Scientific Production Center “Itacon” OOO, OAO Kropotkin plant MiSSP, ZAO LenprodMash, Prodvizhenie (Promotion) PET OOO, Pischemash OOO. Consumers of automated machines producing PET-containers could be non-alcoholic beverages, vegetable oil and whole-milk products producing companies.

Competitive edges give the innovation project the opportunity to take market niche in PET-producing equipment for small and medium scale production of non-alcoholic beverages, vegetable oil and whole-milk products.

Investment needs

$350 000

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