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The company was established in January of 2011 for marketing of the project, supported in the context of the Start-2010 program. The company develops a bundled software with common information base of students and graduates of RT.


Rinat Anasovich Ibragimov – Director, 28 years. Master of physics in KSU. The «Tokyo Boeki» scholarship laureate in 2007-2008; grant of the Republic of Tatarstan in the scientific line «Physics» of 25.01.2009.

Ayrat Alfitovich Yagofarov – programmer, 30 years. Graduate of CMC KSU.

Liliya Ilgizarovna Yagofarova – programmer, 30 years. Graduate of CMC KSU.


The product of the project is the bundled software realizing retrieval service for job (for competitors) and cadres (for employers) using in the first stage information of students of KFU as a base. Informing about vacancies will be done by SMS, which makes selection of candidates for interview almost momentary. For the most effective selection of correspondence of competitor and workplace there is a plan to develop a system of psychological and professional-orientation tests.

Software implementation of the idea is protected within the limits of the copyright. The first block of the program is already registered in FIPS – software registration certificate is taken out. In the nearest possible time the main part of the program will be implemented and registered as well.

An analysis of the market

Groups of competitors, employment agencies, reference-information systems and public services. Users of our product are 2 target market groups: Students of RT colleges and juridical persons of RT, who need employees with complete and incomplete higher education;

Quantity of organizations in RT, taken into account in the administrative part of the stat. register (GICS; since 2005) on first of April of 2010 amounts more than 100 thousand enterprises. Quantity of vacancies, that can be of interest, by our counting amounts 10 thousands.  Potential capacity of the interesting segment is more than $500 thousands per year. In consequence of the crisis in 2008-2009 many positions were cut down, however the crisis is not eternal, and economic circumstances will let many companies restore the staff within 2-3 years. In this connection we forecast rapid growth of demand for these services, and as a consequence – growth of the interesting segment.

Our competitive advantages:

The biggest base, as compared with all groups of competitors

Selection by psychological, personal and professional characteristics (practically this is integrated in no one’s employee search algorithm)

Automatized work algorithm

Investment needs

Investments: $200 000

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