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Nowadays in connection with increasing of volumes of petroleum and gas the problem of refining sulfur and sulfur containing wastes recycling remains urgent. For years specialists of Kazan State Technological University have been researching of sulfur containing wastes recycling methods which finally resulted development of new energy and resource saving technology of sulfur modifiers. Company “Serbit” was created for developing and providing further activities in this field.


Gimazutdinov Maksim Navilevich – Director General of “Serbit” LLC.

Deberdeev R. Ya. - scientific adviser. 

Khakimullin Yu. N. – responsible executive.

Garipov R.M. – chemist-technologist, scientific counselor.

Efremova A. A. - research engineer.

Sycheva M.V. - laboratory assistant.


Technology of gas sulfur and sulfur containing waste processing is the main product of “Serbit” company. It’s subject to appliance of low temperature (>150 ºС) wave actions in original small-envelope plant during few seconds. In such conditions sulfur is in nonequilibrium state and is driven into interaction with corresponding chemical products, particularly with bitumen. Capacity of plant allows to produce up to 3,5 thousands ton of product (sulfur bitumen) annually.

“Serbit” company’s technology is protected by the patent for invention RU 2263631 C2 “Method of polymer sulfur producing”.


An analysis of the market

Leading market competitor in producing of sulfur bitumen and sulfur polymers bitumens are following companies as OAO “Gazprom”, State Research Center of RF “Gintsvetmet”, Research center of concrete and reinforced concrete named after A. A. Gvozdev, Innovation center “Chemical technologies and plants”, Scientific Production center “Termakat”, ZAO “IRIMEKS”. 

Potential consumers of sulfur bitumen and sulfur polymers bitumens are:

– road construction organizations and enterprises of Russian Federation, mainly The Tatarstan Republic  and neighboring regions (Bashkortostan, Udmurtia) – bitumen additives.

– asphaltic-cement concrete production plants – selling of sulfur bitumen and sulfur polymers bitumen production plants.

Bitumen production volumes in Russian Federation annually grow. In 2009 in RF was produced 4 082,7 thousands ton of petroleum asphalt and shore bitumens(OKVED (RCEA)); Volga Region and Central Federal Districts account for the majority of bitumen production – 40.5% and 33.7% respectively.

The estimated potential absorption of sulfur bitumen production plant market in Russian federation is about 1, 5 billions RUB ($53, 3 million USD).

Complex of unique properties of new product like reducing to zero of water absorption while usual water absorption index of bitumen is about 12-15% forms another advantage of new technology.

Investment needs

Investments: $350 000

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