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The company was established in October of 2006 октябре 2006 to realize project «Creation of the system of integrating the deaf and the weak-eared into the society». A contract of the target financing with the State Uncommercial Fund to 13.4 million roubles was concluded in 2006. The purpose of the project is to develop and begin an industrial turnout of hearing aids, which work on the basis of transferring of the sound information from the frequencies area, where the patient can’t hear, to the area, where hearing remains. And also an educational system «Hear and speak», allowing to use all the possibilities of the devise, and a computer stand for learning by «Hear and speak» system.


Andrey Anatolyevich Kochergin - Director, 32 years, the head of the LLC «Akustika» company.

Anatoly Vasilyevich Kochergin – Research supervisor of the project, 59 years, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, Honoured worker of science and technology of the Tatarstan Republic, Correspondent Member of the Petrovskaya Academy of sciences, author of an invention.

Anton Aleksandrovich Moroshek – Deputy director, 30 years, Candidate of Medicine.


A patent № 2159099 for hearing prosthetics system was taken out. Advantages of the new HA are high effectiveness, solicitous attitude of the new technology to the man’s residual hearing abilities, simplicity of construction, reliability and attractive price of equipment. The advantage of the education systems is in comprehensive approach to teaching the deaf, with original deaf-and-dumb-pedagogical lessons. The software of HA is author’s one and contains know-how.

An analysis of the market

The real annual volume of hearing aids produced in the world is 8-10 million pieces (150-200 million dollars). The potential one, according to WHO - 45-50 millions pieces (800-1000 millions dollars);

This market has obvious potential to grow in consequence of

population upsurge and its senescence;

increase of prosperity of Asia and Africa and reduction of prices of the products;

growth of the medicine culture,

Today the world market of hearing aids is estimated at the level of 5,5 millions pieces or 4 billion dollars. average growth rate of the market is 6% per year in natural terms and 9% in cost.

Almost half of all hearing aids used in RF is constituted by import products (inteo IN, Triano Siemens CS/CT and others), and in natural terms more than half of the import products are hearing aids from Denmark.  CJC «Sound» plans to take up to 20% of the Russian market and up to 0,5% of the world market of hearing aids.

Investment needs

Investments: $ 10 000

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