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The development and implementation of production sites providing Russian enterprises with a complex of economically important products, such as glucose-fructose syrup, sugar and fodder on the basis of cheap renewable raw materials. It is a promising direction for development of agricultural industry of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation.  "Sahara" company has its own solution to this problem - the efficient technology for processing starch-containing (grain) of raw materials to produce new products - glucose-fructose syrup for food industry, and fodder sugar for livestock.


The project was initiated  by Timur A.Yamashev,  general director, project manager. The project provides financial planning and overall strategic management of the company.


Product - a technology of producing glucose-fructose syrup is based on the use of specially designed enzyme compositions and regimes selected for hydrolysis of raw grain in the "Know-how" equipment. Modification of this technology will allow producing  glucose-fructose syrups for food industry.

The development of "Sahara" is protected by patents:

Patent for invention № 2270578 "Method for obtaining feeding sugar", the Russian Federation, expires 12/15/2013.

Patent on useful model № 80313 "Line production of feed sugar from grain" of the Russian Federation, expires 10/08/2018.

An analysis of the market

The volume of glucose-fructose syrups (GFS) at the beginning of the XXI century has reached 13.3 mln. tons.  The market share of GFS sweeteners by 2013 may reach about 12%. GFS manufacturing is mainly concentrated in the U.S.. A significant number of the product is produced in Japan, Canada, China, South Korea, Argentina, Spain, etc.

The absolute leader in GFS world market is  CargillInc American corporation. This company has an extensive network of production sites and distribution network, including in Russia ( "GPK" Efremovskiy "Co). Among major producers of GFS running on the world market should be mentioned Tate & Lyle (UK) and CornProductsInternational (USA), HRP "Vita" and "Interkorn Processing Corn Industry" ZAO (Closed Joint-Stock Company) located on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The main consumer of glucose-fructose syrup is food industry. Feed products produced in manufacturing of primary products are intended for use in animal husbandry. Technological line for production of GFS will be relevant to all enterprises engaged in processing of grain. Technology of "Sakhara" OOO (Limited Liability Company) will reduce the amount of storage equipment or increase the productivity of existing one, also it increases profitability of technology in comparison with analogues (starch and syrup, alcohol production).

Investment needs

Investments: $300 000

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