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At present, traditional control systems of heavy transport vehicles are hydraulic devices mechanically controlled by rods and levers. This control system does not allow for fine-tuning modes of individual units, this leads to accelerated wear of components and shortens the life of machine as a whole. In addition, the mechanical control system does not allow integrating the individual machines in production facilities and has no special diagnostic tools. 
The solution of these problems is the electronic control system based on microprocessor system with electrohydraulic actuators developed by members of Kazan State Technical University. This was a precondition for creating "Omega-Mic."


Andrey A. Makhanko - Director of the company.

Sergei A. Mikhailov - Scientific consultant


As a part of development of innovative product, a complete system of control and diagnostics of heavy transport vehicles and their components will be created, which meets the  modern standards of reliability and contains all required elements. The specific composition of the control system and diagnostics is determined by the type of machines and problems solved by this system.

Developments of "Omega-Mic" are protected by the patents:

- patent for utility model "Multi-disc clutch» № 61372 of 19.09.2006. The right holder is IC "Omega" KSTU-KAI. - patent for utility model " Valve for pressure control » № 61376 of 25.09.2006. The right holder is IC "Omega" KSTU-KAI.

- patent for invention " Valve for pressure control » № 2335665 of 25.09.2006. The right holder is IC "Omega" KSTU-KAI.

An analysis of the market

The leading market participants of electronic control systems for special purpose machines, engines and transmissions with microprocessor control devices are such foreign companies, as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr and John Deere. Also the widespread technologies are those of ACERT Caterpillar and Quantum Cummins.

The target customers are manufacturers of machinery for agriculture and forestry, machinery and equipment for mining and construction.

The output of machinery and equipment for special purposes in Russia in 2010 reached 9796.0 units, it is 18.7% less than in 2009. At the same time the growth rate of production of machinery and equipment for special purposes in 2010 began to increase. 43.9% of the volume of production machinery and equipment for special purposes is related to harvesters, 21.2% - to excavators, 13.2% to crawler tractors.

Investment needs

$300 000

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