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“Olefin” OOO was set up for purpose to commercialize halogenation technologies of the highest a-olefins. The community of the company appeared on the base of research laboratory of KazSC RAS of IOPC named after A.E. Arbuzov and represents the union of young graduate students and proficient highly experienced employees of the Institute. The employees have  skills in the sphere of chemical technologies.



Budnikova Julia Germanovna, Director General. She is 46 years old. She has got a 20-year experience in the field of electrosynthesis and electrochemical technologies. She carries out  scientific management, financial planning and general strategic management of the company.

Krasnov Sergey  Anatolyevich - manufacturing manager. He is 29 years old. He develops the technological line of process of halogenation, calculates and projects chemical equipment.

Magdeev Ildar Mukhtarovich  - leading industrial engineer. He is 71 years old.  Head of the department of technologies and production of KazSC RAS of IOPC, Honoured chemist of RT.

Mikhailov Dmitry Yuryevich  – junior research fellow. He is 26 years old. In 2009 he graduated from KSU, Chemical Institute named after A.M.Butlerov, an honours degree. He got the second higher education as an economist in KSFEI.


Ecologically safe, energy-saving technology of highest a-olefins processing that excludes application of toxic initial reagents and considerable waste which is inevitably present at traditional methods of synthesis is offered. The product is ready for sale. The intellectual property is protected by two patents (The license for patent No. 2288908, utility model No. 2008124291/22 (029456)).

At present preparation for license sale for VOAO "Khimprom", Volgograd is carried out (the agreement of intent is of 24.03.2010), R&D on replacement of initial raw materials from an alpha-olefin to paraffin is carried out for Institute of chemistry and ecological engineering of Harbin Technological University, Harbin.

An analysis of the market

World market of chlorinated paraffin wax – $742 mln., the Russian market – $ 19 mln. Rate of market growth of chlorinated paraffin wax is 10% per year. The share of chlorinated paraffin wax produced according to technology “Olefin” OOO will comprise total 10% by 2014.

Consumers of the developed technology in the Russian Federation: enterprises of petrochemical industry with their own chloride production, and also enterprises using chlorinated paraffin wax for production of new materials and chemicals. (OAO “Kaustik”, Volgograd, OAO “Khimprom”,  Novocheboksarsk, OAO “Khimprom”, Volgograd)

The main advantage of this technology is that highly demanded production on the market is manufactured from cheap material (wastes). The process is realized in soft conditions, it is single-stage.

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