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The company was set up in 2011 for realization of the project “Creation of automated working place of analysis of informational safety of the means of dynamic formation of Web-pages of data resources” as a winner in the program “Idea 1000” in the nomination of Start 1.


Vernigora Vladislav Igorevich – Director, aged 25. Graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronic Equipment. Directed the development and introduction of the projects: The system of identification and authentication of users with the use of smart-cards; the system of distribution, storage and identification of digital content.  


The allocation of the automated working place of the analysis of informational safety of the means of dynamic formation of Web-pages is the analysis and detection of sensibilities in the initial Web applications by method of statistical analysis, securing of the quality of final products, automation of control and analysis of initial codes.

A prototype is created of the software performing all the relevant functions, and it is necessary to raise it to the level of a product ready for marketing.  Within the framework of the developed software ARM AIB there will be a possibility of supplementing it with modules providing the analysis of informational safety of dynamic formation of Web-pages, created by the use of other technologies.

The complex will be realized in the form of extension to the platform Eclipse, designed for the building of integrated development environment (IDE). The complex will be realized on cross-platform ABAP run-time environment and does not depend on surrounding environment.

An analysis of the market

Attacks on web-sites are becoming more and more frequent every day, and such attacks can bring appreciable damages to the owner of the site. Losses may be different: from moral to real financial losses and deterioration of the company’s image. Companies have begun to think of the safety of web-applications created by them, and therefore the demand for the given work will be growing among the developers of web-applications and their customers who are interested in perfect safety of their sites. The volume of the market of data safety is evaluated as 2 billion dollars.

The growth of the market of data safety and the increase of the complexity of the carried out web-projects demand the existence of automated means of safety, namely:

Making easy, accelerating and making cheaper the process of writing the program code. Refining the software product.

Obtaining a tool for automated analysis of a large volume of initial codes.

Helping to reduce the possibility of attacks of computer trespassers and other risks of data safety

Investment needs

$300 000

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