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The company was founded in May 2010 in accordance with Federal law № 217. The main sphere of competence - engine "Motor 24-IX» - with varying degrees of extension per stroke.


Kozhin Victor G. - 02.05.1949g.r. Director, project manager. Professional achievement - a worker, engineer, foreman, deputy. Ch. technologist, chief metallurgist, foreman, chief engineer and director of the company

Shigapov Zinatulla Gamirovich - 07/09/1957 - Research Manager, Project Manager, patent,. Professional achievement - an employee of Technopark KAI (2002, 2004)., Director of the Center for Technology Transfer KSTU-KAI (2005-2006), head of innovation KSTU-KAI (in 2007)


1. Engine "engine 24-IX» - with varying degrees of extension per stroke, depending on the mode.

Start-up mode - pre-expansion ε = (2-3), Nominal mode to (6-7).

The engine "ICE 24 - IX» - used two-stage supercharging. The degree of compressor pressure ratio is increased to 7, and the geometric compression ratio in the working cylinder is supported on all modes of engine equal to 7.

Intellectual property

The patent for the invention № 2327885, "Method of fuel-air mixture in the four-stroke internal combustion engines and fuel-air mixture feed device", priority of 30.05.2006.

The patent for the invention № 2327883, "Method of the four-combustion engine and device for implementing this method," the priority of 08.12.2006.

The patent for the invention № 2339824, "Method of an internal combustion engine", priority of 19.01.2007.

An analysis of the market

The target market is the market for truck engines. The volume of production of engines for trucks in the Russian Federation and the State Statistics Committee data SNGpo was 205 450 units, including vehicles carrying capacity of 1.5 tonnes - 144 460 pcs. 6-13 tons capacity - 5574 pcs. Capacity of 14-40 tons . - 55 416 pcs.  According to preliminary estimates the market for internal combustion engines are: 1911.4 million U.S. dollars (the calculation is made on the average cost of engines)/ Estimated market share of the company is: 0.5%. The annual average growth rate of motor trucks is expected in the range of 5-10% (the value used to calculate the rate of 5%).

Engine multifuel (in any liquid hydrocarbon fuel to gaseous fuel to solid fuel, with gas generator). Translation engine in fuel is achieved simply by moving the lever. This achieves Euro 4 - Euro 6.

Investment needs

$11 800

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