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Gilyazov Murat Raisovich – Director General since 2007, 25 years old, Master of Physics of Kazan State University, post-graduate student of Kazan State Institute of Finances and Economics. Technology Commercialization Fundamentals, АНХ; FASTTRAC.

Gil’mutdinov Al’bert Kharisovich – Scientific adviser on the project, author of the idea, 54 years old. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor of Kazan State University. He possesses many years' experience of project management, including foreign projects management.

Nagulin Yuriy Semyonovich – Technical adviser on the project, candidate of technical sciences, senior staff scientist, author of 34 inventions and 184 printed works. He has developed four spectral devices and introduced them into serial production.

Staff strength: 8 people.


A spectrometric complex replaces up to 4 various devices listed below, without performance degradation: atomic absorptive spectrometer, fluorimeter, scanning spectrophotometer, polarimeter. The complex is used for spectrochemical analysis in various branches of production, health care institutions, institutions of higher education and so forth. It is planned to organize production on the spaces which belong to Kazan optomechanical plant, and the products are intended to be sold through the existing dealer analytical equipment chain.

The idea of the device is patented – the Russian Federation patents “Spectrometer” No. 2251668 of June 19, 2002, “Spectrometer” No. 2347212 of March 22, 2007; the patent holder is Nanospec, OOO (Limited Liability Company).


On the average, the device characteristics are better than that of special-purpose analogues: measurement range is wider by 20 %, measurement time is 10 % less. The offered complex solves problems, providing the same or better metrology. The complete set version including maximum component quantity will cost approximately $ 45 thousand.

The volume of the Russian Federation market of devices destined for spectrochemical analysis is estimated as $50 mln. per annum. By the year of 2015 the planned share of the market for Unispec-200 will make 5%.

Potential consumers: ecological monitoring services, sanitary-and-epidemiological services, central factory laboratories, quality control services, health-care institutions, distilleries, school laboratories of institutions of higher education.

Benefits for consumers – lower price, integrated maintenance, minimum staff membership required, low energy consumption, high accuracy of measurements.

An analysis of the market

Volume of investments: $ 600 thousand. There will be manufacturing of mechanical and electronic components of the product, as well as assembling and adjustment expanded on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan as a result of investments made. Possible investor’s share in the Company can make up to 40%. As predicted, discounted pay-back period of the project will be equal to 3,11 years. In case the investor signs off in the year of 2016, the investor’s share can make up to $2,5 mln.  There have been 220 thousand $ already invested in the project by now during the previous 3 years.

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