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The company was created by members of Kazan Federal University in December 2010. It is planned within the project development of study guide “Expert” and its realization. This guide allows students to carry out real experiments on physics, chemistry and biology without leaving the house. It also allows preparing oneself for Unified State Examination on the indicated subjects. The project got prizewinning “50 best ideas of Republic of Tatarstan” in nomination “innovations in education sphere”.


Kokorina Olecya Borisovna – general director, 29 years old. There is  a gold medal of Russian national scientific-technical creativity of youth НТТМ-2007 exhibition, the author of 3 patents for  discoveries and 4 scientific articles, grant-holder of innovation projects program UMNIK 2007-2009.

Irisov Denis Sergeyevich – commercial director, 25 years old. Change manager Diploma (Tomsk 2006), he successfully carried out state Contract on program START-1 in 2009 of Fund for the Promotion of the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere.

Zakharov Yuriy Anatoljyevich – research supervisor, 47 years old. The author of 10-discoveries and 40 scientific articles and guidance manuals.


The project is directed to development and serial production of patented apparatus for educational experiments on physics, chemistry and biology on the basis of personal computer.Apparatus consumers will be schools, specialized secondary schools and higher education institutions and students of these institutions, in Russia, and abroad. Unlike nearest analogs our apparatus does not require recharge, it has better good layout, more compact, has possibility of self improvement, иand is several times cheaper. Trademarks – it is planned creation of “Univerdidakt” trademark.

An analysis of the market

Project sale market consists of two main segments: 1) education institutions and 2) students and common citizens. In Russia as per official data there are approximately 40000 secondary schools, 300 higher education institutions and 2000 specialized secondary schools with technological profile, id est in total 42300 institutions. Market volume in Russia is evaluated in 42-420 mln. rubles. Yearly income can be from 2 to 12 mln. rubles in Russia.

In the plans of project participants there is also entry with product to the CIS and other foreign markets. On initial estimation product realization on foreign markets can be from 80 o 400 mln. rubles.

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