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In 2008 company members established an enterprise “Ultraviolet solutions” ООО for the purpose of commercialization the results of R&D works, namely solid-state laser of new class UV spectral range. The proposed products are the result of research scientific work of the company members at the Kazan Federal University (Former Kazan State University n.a. V.I. Ulyanov-Lenin). The same year the company won funding of FASIE foundation, Moscow. In 2010 the developments of the company were represented at the International conference- Laser Applied Technologies 2010, in 2011 the company participated in the International trade exhibition Photonika 2011, Moscow, in 2012 the company represented  its products at the International exhibition Laser Optics Berlin 2012,  Berlin.


Alexey Sergeevich Nizamutdinov - director, 30 y.o., he has 11 year experience in the field of pure science. He has expertise in research and development project management, aimed at development and optimization of innovative techniques in laser technology.

Alexander Kondratjevich Naumov – Chief designer, 57 y.o., He is an engineering manager and ideologist of all research and scientific, and development works of the team.  For the last twenty years a number of projects under his leadership, both native and foreign, were put across, and resulted in experimental laser models and other devices of quantum electronics.


New products are classified as solid-state laser technology. The essential novelty is ability to amplify ultra-violet emission by crystals of laser active mediums.

For the first time new solid-state lasers offer inexpensive and applicable process of UV laser in production industry.

An analysis of the market

At present UV lasers are frequently used in science and industry. Main range of UV laser application is scientific researches, mass spectrometry, medicine, biology, atmosphere composition researches and lithography. Share of “Ultraviolet solutions” ООО (LLC) in the Russian market shall be 20 % to 2013.


- possibility to specify the characteristics of a beam directly into the ultraviolet spectrum,

- possibility of amplification and generation of ultrashort laser pulses,

- possibility of energy increasing by means of amplifier stages implementation and power zooming,

- portability, low price.

Investment needs

$300 thousand

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