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Establishment history: The company was established in August of 2008 by the group of enthusiast-specialists of Tupolev KSTU, Kazan, in the field of burning processes. Within the bounds of the project it is planned to develop and organize serial production of starting preheaters with power of 5-30 kWt for automotive machinery, used under conditions of low temperatures up to -60 Сo and corresponding to environmental requirements Euro-5.


General manager Artur Gafurovich Tuktarov, born in 1962. Graduate of MGIMO, Earlier worked on leading positions in OJC «KAMAZ», headed the exporting unit.

Technical director Talgat Magsumovich Magsumov, born in 1950г. A head of thermotechnics lab in Tupolev KSTU. Honored scientist of RT, Doctor of technical sciences.


The developed starting preheater works on principles of vaporization and using vortex systems, when the fuel is delivered to the combustion chumber it is vaporized and mixed with air, next the initiation in the main burning zone. The construction of the burning device of the heater permits to use low-grade fuels, reduce electric energy demand, improve burning purity and reduce dimensions of the whole system, which permits to provide assured launch of cold engine under conditions of low temperatures. The construction of the boiler is protected by patents №2406925 of December 22, 2010 and №113336 of February 10, 2012.

By now following works are fulfiled:

Industrial model of the heater, planned for launching in serial production is developed and created;

Full cycle of necessary tests before launching serial production is conducted;

Acceptance tests in STC OJC «KAMAZ» is being conducted;

Construction of the boiler is protected by patents;

Preparation for serial production (buying and installing of equipment, production of special equipment) is conducted.

Industrial model of the heater, planned for launching in serial production is developed and created.

An analysis of the market

The target market is producers of auto motive machinery of CIS (KAMAZ, GAZ, MAZ, URALAZ etc.). the main consumer of the production is OJC «KAMAZ», which has more than 35% of the market of trucks produced in Russia.

The main competitors, present in the market: LLC «Advers», LLC «Eltra-thermo» and OJC «SHAAZ».

The heater developed by LLC «Thermal systems», unlike competitors’, has a little weight, higher heating efficiency and much less power consumption.

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