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The company was established in January 2010 through the program “Start 1”.  Research and Development enterprise “Sakosa” is set up for solving the following technical problems in oil-filled electrical equipment diagnostics:

1. Development and introduction of a wireless optical instrument for measuring polymerization degree for on-line monitoring of paper-oil insulation in power transformers.

2. Development and manufacturing of on-line diagnostic system for insulators of power transformer.


Aydar Khaydarovich Sabitov, 26 y.o. Director, he determines the company strategic profile, has severalpublications in the field of oil-filled equipment diagnostics: author of 1 discovery, participant and winner of many scientific and technical awards.


Vladimir Konstantinovich Kozlov, 58 y.o. – Technical Director, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, conducts innovative scientific researches, author of many discoveries, articles and Scientific - Technical Reports. He has rich experience in development and introduction of compact devices in the power industry.


Ildar Khaydarovich Sabitov, 25 y.o. – Engineer, he is engaged in production management, trying-out of pilot samples.


The wireless optical instrument for measuring polymerization degree is under development. Its use excludes sample collecting; fixing defects into the paper-oil insulation in power transformers and allows reducing environmental load significantly. This technical decision is patented, patent for invention No. 2392684.

An analysis of the market

Operation of the company R&D “Sakosa” OOO is oriented to the market of transformer equipment, segment of «Providing services for installation, repair, maintenance and rewinding of electric motors, generators and transformers». According to the First independent rating agency, this segment is estimated at 20 billion rubles. It should be mentioned that directly installation, repair, maintenance of transformers used in the data bases of the Russian Federation are not placed to a separate group. By expert estimates the real volume of rendered services for transformer maintenance is about 6 billion rubles.

The device under development will predominate such analogues, as chemical diagnostic techniques of paper-oil insulation GOST 25438-82 «Dissolving pulp. Intrinsic viscosity determination”, standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 450 «Measurement of average viscometric degree of polymerization of new and old electro-papers», as these methods require deactivation and withdrawal of the equipment for repairing, that lead to downtime and energy undersupply.

Application of the wireless optical instrument for measuring polymerization degree at the operating power transformers will permit to monitor on-line condition of paper-oil insulation in the system of “intellectual” transformer.

Investment needs

$ 333 thousand.

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