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SCALDIS  LLC was established in April 2010 by two scientists of Kazan State University: Ravil Nigmatullin and Sergey Osokin. The spheres of our activities include researches in the field of dielectric and noise fluctuation spectroscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance, development of quality control and process control systems, as well as other software.


General Manager: Osokin Sergey Igorevich ( He has been working in the spheres specified above together with Nigmatullin R. R. for 10 years. He Is an organizer (an operational manager) of our team.

Scientific Director: Nigmatullin Rvil Rashidovich (d. ph.-m.s.). He has been working in the spheres specified above for 20 years. He is a world leading expert in the field of fluctuation-noise spectroscopy and dielectric spectroscopy.

Business manager: Abramov Denis Aleksandrovich. He’s a specialist in the sphere of design, creation and implementation of computer systems for different purposes.

Chief engineer: Gubaidullin Firdus Faatovich (c. ph..-m. s.). He has been working in the spheres specified above for 25 years.

Chief of electronic system development department: Toboev Vyacheslav Andreevich (c. ph.- m. s., d. b. s.). He has been working in the spheres specified above for 20 years.

Now 16 specialists work in our company.


Scientific research work


2. Development of methods for determining the probability distribution of pharmaceuticals data with short samples – Customer: Jordanian Pharmaceutical Company “JPC”  

3. Development of technique for ultra-precise control of fuel impurities (water content) according to infrared and dielectric spectrums - Customer: Trans World Airlines

Design and experimental developments

1. Express dosimetry system

2. Diagnostic system of bee-family’s physiological state by acoustic noises from bees.

3. System of room climate remote supervision.


Current projects

1. Development of Noise Signal Analyzer (NSA)

2. Development of automated system of technological processes control of carbon fiber production.

There was signed the contract with HC “Komposit” for the development of composite  fibre control system production.

An analysis of the market

Universality of our methods allows to speak about the possibility of their application in any systems where signal is processed (mechanical engineering, chemical industry, alcoholic industry, petrochemical industry etc.).

The main advantages of developed products:

Possibility of full automation of process and elimination of a human factor from analysis process

Absence of modeling idea of the nature of process and, as a result, significant increase of accuracy of measurements (in average from 30 % and higher depending on a task type).

Investment needs

$1 000 000

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