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Date of establishment – May 2006.

The main direction of enterprise activity: development and implementation of science intensive  products in electrical power systems, development of failure detection system for power transmission lines 6-10kW, development of effective power consumption system for office and housing. Financing of the project was carried out by the Fund of assistance to the development of small forms of enterprises in scientific and technical spheres and IVF RT.


Kalabanov Sergey Aleksandrovich – Director, 36 years old. KSU graduate, candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. He is engaged in search and attraction of orders, advertizing of output production, represents firm at seminars, exhibitions, conferences.

Karpov Arcady Vasilyevich – enterprise owner, 61 years old. He is Honourable worker of high professional education, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor of radiophysics department of KFU.

Shagiyev Rinat Ildarovich – chief engineer, 22 years old.  He is engaged in development and testing of devices. He graduated from KFU magistracy.


1. Specialized systems of failure detection for power transmission lines 6-10kW, having complicated topology. The system consists of an «intellectual electromodem», carrying out functions of diagnostic and information processing in mode of real time.

 2. System of effective power consumption for office and housing. This system realizes the Smart grid technology (introduction of microprocessor systems in electrical power engineering). It is constructed on the basis of the modern PLC technology (data transmission via electric wires).

The enterprise owns six patents on the presented subject.

An analysis of the market

Product №1. Consumers - Enterprises maintaining high-voltage power lines (Electric distribution companies, Oil companies, Pipeline companies). Russian market of diagnostic and monitoring of high-voltage networks is totaled $700 million. A planned share in the market is up to 2 %.

Product №2. Consumers -  cottage settlements, housing spaces, offices, flats, schools, hospitals, boarding schools, homes for the elderly. Potential number of devices of effective power consumption systems is about 40 million units within Russia. About  40 % of consumers from a common market will be interested in acquisition of such product.

The agreement of intentions for NPP "Каrza" OOO production application was signed with OAO “Privolzhsky electric networks”, OAO "Tatneft",  OAO “Kazan electric networks”.

Investment needs

Investments: $ 400 thousand. 

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