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The company was established in 2011 for the realization of the project “Development of non-waste technologies and creation of the production of natural certified food colour of all shades of brown from the waste of cereal production of buckwheat husk” as the winner of the “Idea 1000” in Start 1 nomination.


Akutin Alexey Pavlovich – Director, Manager of the Project

Kostylyov Sergey Konstantinovich – expert. Conducting of research work.  


Husk is the outer skin of buckwheat seeds is a waste from cereal production when exfoliating the grain, which is practically never utilized. The offered technology will make it possible to extract valuable biologically active substances from the husk, possessing colorant properties and organize on its basis a production of a natural certified food color (brown).

Color from buckwheat husk belongs to the class of natural poly-phenol compositions. The chemical formula being (С27Н30О16•3Н2О)n, where n=2÷4, Molecular weight 1200÷6000. The colors are planned to be produced both in liquid form and as powder with the humidity of no more than10%, of dark-brown metallic color. A method of color extraction has been developed without the use of explosive raw material - ethyl alcohol (Patent of Russian Federation No. 2086588). The authors (and patentees) are planning to file the improvement of the method and are prepared to give the rights for a new patent to a small entity, which is being created.

An analysis of the market

Food industry is being considered as the main sphere of application of the developing color. According to estimations, the volume of the world market of food colors is of the order of 1 billion 220 million US dollars. Almost one third (about 30%) of the total volume are natural colors, which is about 250-350 million US dollars with the annual increase at the level of 9-10%. The percentage of brown colors amounts to 11-12% of the total consumption of colors – 2-3.5 million US dollars.

The suppliers of raw materials are breadmaking companies of the nearby towns – Kazan, Buinsk, Ulyanovsk and others.

The distinguishing feature of the new technology is efficiency, non-waste production, environmental safety and preservation of biological properties of extracted substances.

Investment needs

$300 000

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