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The company was founded in the beginning of 2009 by the staff members of The Institute of Ecology and Geography of Kazan (Volga region) federal university. The production of the company is based on the methods of contact biotesting.


The CEO of the company is Kuritsin Ivan Nikolayevich, PhD. in biology. He has lider’s character and leadership experience.

The project research advisor is Galitskaya Paulina Yurievna, Юрьевна, PhD. in biology from 2007, she has an RF patent, two know-hows, several published articles in international magazines and State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles’  magazines.


The test pattern SolidToxiTest which contains necessary chemical agents, materials, utensils and germ culture for toxicity and waste, agents and materials class of hazard assessment. The test pattern also contains detailed instructions, teaching video materials, computer program for processing of experimental data. The technique of contact biotesting is the heart of the test pattern and is patented by the Russian Federation patent RU 2 440 418.

Currently the product is manufactured. Since the start of the year 2012  the volume of sales is 980 000 RUB.

An analysis of the market

The consumers of the commercial test are large industrial enterprises, obliged to control product quality, pollution of waste water and waste products, laboratories of check and control organizations, commercial and scientific laboratories in Russia and  abroad.

The competitive advantage of the commercial tests on the basis of techniques of contact biotesting:

flexibility for any type of waste

best quality-price ratio with better sensitivity of the test as compared to similar ones

completing of the test system with unique software, which lets to decrease the number of parallel measurements to obtain certainty

absence of necessity to obtain wastage water extract

Investment needs

Investments: $ 200 000.

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