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The company was founded in December, 2007. The prime object of the company start-up was the complex metallurgic raw material manufacturing technology development from the iron-containing waste, development of production on metallurgical production waste utilization and и marketable production line. Value and source of already made investments is totally $ 198 000; including: $ 198 000 was committed to the project according to the contract  of R&D and state non-financial organization «Investment-venture capital fund of Tatarstan Republic» in 2008.

Public recognition –World Bank grant, winning the tender «Fifty best innovative ideas for the Tatarstan Republic»


Ibatullin Ilnur Grafitovich is the CEO of the company. He took part in delivery on projects of «TANECO» JSC, «TATCABLE» ltd. He graduated from the Kazan State University, international relations department, Kazan (Volga region) federal university, economics department.


Developed technology – new technology in metallic waste recycling lets to obtain some metallic and non-metallic commercial products used as raw material in some industries. Our products are steel shot, scrapped iron, metal powder, mineral dust.

Current status:

Intellectual property protection was made;

Production equipment was designed and manufactured;

Recycling technology was developed and approved;

“KAMAZ” JSC production site in iron-containing waste recycling was arranged;

The technology is ready for replication and assimilation by other enterprises of metallurgical and machine-building industries.

An analysis of the market

In the manufacture of cast iron and charge mixture for it (agglomerate, pellets, coke) in the manufacture of steel and ferrous-based alloys a great amount of iron carbon staflux waste deposits: up to 6% of final product of every processing, whereas the part of use of resulting metallurgical waste in Russia в настоящее время в России does not exceed 5% of the volume of its make. According to expert analysis, the volume of technogenic minefield in Russia and former CIS countries makes 450-550 million ton.

Investment needs

$ 500 000

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