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The basis of supposed scientific direction to create a unique means of drug delivery, led by Assoc., Mustafin RI The result of scientific research group Mustafina RI were more than 70 papers published in both Russian and foreign press, recognition by colleagues and scholars throughout the world. Fruitful creative collaboration of the scientific school Mustafina RI with the leading pharmacologists, Kazan, headed by prof., MD Semina II led to the creation in February 2010, OOO "InterLEK" Signs of public recognition of a silver medal at the International Moscow Salon of Innovations and Investments (2010), winner of V and VI of the Republican contest "Top 50 Innovative Ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan", the Russian Venture Company Winner Contest "Idea 1000 ".


A team composed of employees of State Educational Institution "Kazan State Medical University."
Semin Irina - CEO, 54, professor, MD, PhD - Head of Research and Education Center on the development of controlled delivery systems, and has experience working with foreign companies to move to рыноклекарственныхпрепаратов.Руководит by RFBR and the Academy of Sciences.
Mustafin Ruslan Ibrahimovic - the supervisor, 43, assistant professor, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences. More than 70 publications in Russian and foreign press, of which more than 10 articles in leading international journals in the pharmaceutical profession, the patent of Russia. Winner of the All-Russian National Award - "The Calling" 2009 in the nomination "For contribution to medical progress made by the representatives of basic science and non-medical professions" for the creation of a new type of drug carriers - polymer complexes.


A disadvantage of many medicines today is that drugs, in addition to entering the pathological lesions, spread to other parts of the body, exerting unwanted side effects.In addition, to achieve a positive therapeutic effect requires the use of high doses of the drug or multiple doses, which greatly exacerbates the side effects of drugs and leads to higher prices. Therefore, up-to-date dendlya global pharmaceutical industry is the creation of media to ensure the delivery of active ingredients in the specified area of the gastrointestinal tract, which will allow modern medicine to advance in the treatment of many diseases. Our main business is the development of production technology unique means of delivering drug substance in the human body based on poly (meth) acrylate complexes

Application for patent of RF № 2009147869/15 (070 747), with priority from 22.12.2009, the "method of obtaining the support of biologically active compounds based on interpolyelectrolyte complex", patent-pending RF "system aimed oral delivery the drug substance in the area of the colon"

An analysis of the market

Currently in Russia there is a factory for production of polymers as carriers for the drug substance in Dzerzhinsk. Polymer, there is developed as a means of delivering drug substance in the intestine, has several drawbacks. Significant market share carrier for drug delivery today is occupied by foreign pharmaceutical companies, the leaders of which are BASF, Evonik Ind., Colorcon and Lubrizol.
The advantages offered by the use of polymers kompozitsiyzaklyuchaetsya widely used in pharmacy, with the study of pharmacological and pharmaco-chemical properties with proven harmless to use them in practical meditsine.V the same time, a unique combination of polymers pozvolyaetizmenit properties in the regulated area, which makes the development of new vozmozhnostdlya systems controlled by time and mestudostavki drug substance.
Currently, the production of next-generation drugs is a high cost. Using our technology will allow pharmaceutical companies to save on raw material base and the process (reduce the number of process steps, significantly reducing production time).

The ability to use interpolyelectrolyte complexes as a means peroralnoydostavki drugs, both on the basis of domestic polymers still based on a copolymer eudragit in Russia is not developed. In world practice, too, there is no system of targeted drug delivery based on interpolyelectrolyte complexes with poly (meth) acrylates, as this area is not more than 5 years, but developments in this oblastishirokomasshtabno conducted in developed pharmaceutical industry (USA, Germany, Japan, Belgium .)Given that we are pioneers in the field of systems for controlled targeted delivery of macromolecules on the basis of polikompleksnyh and our priority is recognized throughout the world, Russia has all chances to become a full leader in this field.From this perspective, our proposed design is attractive for foreign and domestic investors.

Investment needs

$ 3 000 000 of investments

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