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The "Infon" company was founded in 2010, February, 25. In 2010-2011 we successfully conducted research-and-development activity of the first year of financing in "Start 1" program. In 2011 the company took part in the tender “Innovation projects  development program “Idea-1000”” and won the “Start 2” category.


Khondaurov Andrey Yurievich - CEO, 29 years old.  He has higher education (Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute). He has a real-life experience in market launch of the self-engineered products in electronics, experience in working up Business Projects.

Electronic engineers, design engineers, programming specialists.


The "Infon" device provides IPT and current phone lines. Our solution involves using a telephone set as a basic unit, but the use of "Infon" provides an opportunity to communicate via internet connection with a phone set which also has the "Infon" device connected. If the distant end of the link doesn't have the device like "Infon", the connection will still take place but via common phone line.

We suppose the "Infon" usage in two main areas:

For setting up PABX for the companies.

The connection of remote offices and partners via VoIP connection.

An analysis of the market

The consumers of our product are small and medium-sized businesses. The sales market of the innovative product (the "Infon" device) is the market of PABX and VoIP equipment. Thus maximum Russia market capacity of the VoiP equipment is 137.2 million units (about 205,8 billion RUB, 6,86 billion $). The market capacity of Customer Premises Equipment for telecommunications, including mobile and fixed phones, facsimile machines and office PABX are measured as 6,6 billion $  (2001 - 0,4 bln.  $, 2010 г. - 0,9 bln. $.  The main avenues of the device promotion are direct sales with the assistance of sales managers and products distribution via the dealer system in the major cities of Russia and CIS countries.

The advantages are:

- Low cost adaptation for one subscriber (low cost of equipment and no need in expensive specialists for the system integration and maintenance);

- Construction kit scheme (the system is extensible);

- Intuitive interface, easy adjustment.

Investment needs

Investments: $ 450 000. 

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