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A group of authors from Kazan State Technological University has carried out preliminary studies which confirmed the effectiveness of poultry manure utilization technology by thermochemical method. The need for rapid solution to the problem associated with accumulation of chicken manure was a prerequisite to creation of "Himteсh."


Vladimir N.Bashkirov- Director General, Head of the project. Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of "Chemical Technology of Wood" Department of Kazan State Technological University, honored inventor of the Republic of Tatarstan, has experience in designing and implementing high technologies, initiator of the project.


"Himteсh" OOO offers a simple and effective eco-friendly technology of utilization of chicken manure – utilization by thermochemical method. Solid carbonaceous remnant – biochar- can be used as effective fertilizer. The liquid remnant can potentially be used as heating oil and motor fuel. The productivity of the complex - 1 ton / hour, the price of fertilizer (biochar) - 10 $ / kg. The company plans to protect a patent on the method of disposal of chicken litter.

An analysis of the market

The technologies for processing poultry manure are developed in many countries worldwide  by such companies as Planitec srl, Dynamotive, Coaltec Energy, PrimeEnergy, Pro Natura, Virginia Tech, BEST Pyrolysis Inc, 3R Environmental Technologies Group. The Russian Federation has its own developments of equipment operated by such companies as BioREKS, Ustyuzhenskiy carbon plant,  "Neroaera" OOO, "Perspective" Group.

The cost of installation is about $ 1 mln. (28.22 mln. rubles). According to the data on industry trends the potential capacity of Russian market of technological equipment is estimated about $ 650 mln. (over 600 units).

Energy autonomy of the proposed technology of recycling litter and even some excess heat and electrical energy can significantly reduce the cost of the main products of poultry farms, and where necessary, improve the efficiency of other energy-intensive ways of processing and disposal of litter.

Investment needs

Investments: $350 000

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