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The company was established in 2011 to realize a project in the field of molecular genetic as the winner of the “Idea 1000” in Start 1 nomination.


Salafutdinov Ilnur Ildusovich – General Director. Kazan F(P)U, Junior  research officer.

Rizvanov Albert Anatolyevich - science adviser on molecular genetics, Candidate of Biological Sciences, dotsent  of Biological Soil Faculty, Kazan F(P)U.

Islamov Rustem Robertovich, science adviser on histoneurology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Chair of histology of Kazan State Medical University.

Masgutov Ruslan Faridovich – Science adviser on clinical investigations, Candidate of Medical Sciences, research officer of State Clinical Hospital of the  Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan.


The final product of the project is the created service of separation and purification of preparatory quantities of highly purified gene therapeutic constructions.

According to the results of the works performed within the framework of the creation of geno-cellular constructions for the treatment of neurotic-degenerative diseases, insults and neuro-traumas (angiogenic specimen for the treatment of deep-rooted critical ischemia of lower limbs of different genesis), the participants of the project have the registered applications for receiving a patent of the Russian Federation for the invention of “THE MEANS OF OBTAINMENT OF MEDICINAL PREPARATION OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED CELLS AND ITS ADMINISTRATIONS”, Registration No. 2009123656 and No. 2009133970.

An analysis of the market

According to the data of the branch experts, there are no analogous services of separation of high-quality geno-therapeutic constructions, but on the world scale such services are represented: TMO Vilnius, QIAGEN Plasmid Prep Service. In consequence of the remoteness of the given companies from RF territory and legislative limitations on the import of medicines, the production of such preparations within this country looks most prospective and safe.

In the Republic of Tatarstan the number of patients suffering from deep-rooted critical ischemia of lower limbs of different genesis constitutes no less than 2000 people. On the whole, in Russia their number reaches approximately 120 000 people. Herewith, no less than 500 people are received for surgery.

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