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The company was established in 2011 in realization of the project “Production of composite heat insulating articles on the basis of foamed polyethylene with a capacity of up to 400 tons a year on the basis of the innovational park “Iskra” (Kazan State Technological University)” as a winner of the program “Idea 1000” in the nomination Start 1..


Zheltukhin Aleksey Leonidovich – Director, Project Manager.

Selivanov Andrei Vasilyevich – research manager, Chief Technologist, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Dotsent of the Chair of Analytical Chemistry of Kazan Technological University.

Zheltukhin Leonid Borisovich – Technical Manager, Kazan company “Rosvodokanal”, acting as General Director.


Within the framework of the project it is offered to organize a production of composite heat insulating articles in running meters with the use of natural gas in combination with composites of chemical substances and fillers containing silicon composites as foam formers. The given foam agent enables to create constructional materials of foamed polyethylene with the operational temperature of up to +140C, creating herewith a highly adhesive layer, reducing at the same time the static electricity on the surface of products.

 The chemical structures of the foam agent are a “know how”. The results of this investigation need a protection of intellectual property (patenting). There is equipment – a tandem line LVPR-90/160-100 with a productive capacity of 100kg per hour. With the use of 70% of the capacity, the annual production will amount up to 400 tons of finished products.

An analysis of the market

Products on the basis of foamed polyethylene are used in branches of the national economy under the trademarks “Energoflex”, “Penoflex”, “Izolon”, “Vilaterm” and others. Unlike them are the offered foaming by chloro-carbon composite mixtures, which do not contain the traditional foamer – Freon and its derivatives – halocarbons that damage the ozone layer of the atmosphere.  

The manufacturers of the products of foamed polyethylene are: Nelidovsky, plant of plastics – Tver region, and Moscow plant “Stroydetal”. The prime cost of 1m3 of foamed polyethylene with the density of 20kg/m3 is 1500rubles/m3, the market prices of heat insulating articles made of foamed polyethylene are 4500-6000 roubles/m3. The prime cost of running meter article – braid of foamed polyethylene is 6-7roubles per 1 running meter in the Republic of Tatarstan. The high price is explained by essential appreciation because of transportation of light but bulky loads.  

Investment needs

$350 000

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