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Date of foundation: May 18, 2006. The Company has been established by employees of Electrol, LLC (OOO), which has been developing biologically active vegetable additives, as well as equipment and techniques used for their production and consumption for more than 15 years.


Portnov Il’ya Yur’yevich – the Director, 54 years old, higher technical education, managerial work experience – 28 years. He exercises general and strategic management of the Company. He has taken part in implementation of several projects.

Zharkovskiy Anatoliy Petrovich – Technical Director, 59 years old, higher education in the sphere of agriculture, managerial work experience – 28 years. He implements technical sphere policy and exercises operational management of the Company. He has taken part in implementation of several projects.

Shilov Valentin Nikolayevich – leading specialist, 53 years old, candidate of biological sciences, he is in charge of scientific management of innovation activity carried out by the Company.

Staff strength: 8 people.


We are planning to produce thick (concentrated) biologically active additives (BAA) “Extrafit” – that is, products of extraction and thickening of high-protein vegetable raw products (amaranth, lucerne and so forth). Trade marks: Extrafit trade mark registration is planned.

There have been the respective technical requirements TU 9296-001-27909655 developed in 2005. Equipment for a production line destined to produce Extrafit thick extracts has been developed, manufactured and tested, as well. The technology developed permits to manufacture large volumes of the product under consideration (250 l/hour) with the help of rather compact equipment. Planned indices: cost price – 200 rub./l, release price – 1000 rub./l.

The product has successfully passed tests at Agroindustrial firm Ak Bars Pestretsy, Open Joint-Stock Company (OAO); SHP (Agricultural Enterprise) Yubileynaya, OJSC (OAO); SHP Ozyorniy, LLC (OOO); SHP Kolos-Sintez, LCC (OOO); KT Vamin-Tatarstan.

An analysis of the market

Poultry factories, pig-breeding farms, cattle-breeding complexes and other stock-raising complexes, as well as farms.

Domestic animals and poultry owners and the respective pet-shop chains.

Feed mills, manufacturing all-in-one feeds.

Competing products manufacturers: Pancosma (Switzerland), Preston Vet KFT (Hungary), Meriden Animal Health (Great Britain), Koudijs Feed B.V. (Netherlands); NPO (Scientific-and-Production Association) Erakond; Vitosol’, Close Joint-Stock Company (ZAO); Nikomix, LLC (OOO); ROST, CJSC (ZAO); VitAgros-Rossovit, LLC (OOO) (the last five companies are representing the Russian Federation).

The world market of natural fodder BAA is going through rapid upsurge in connection with prohibition of fodder antibiotics (growth stimulators) usage on the territory of the EC. The Russian market is still dominated by fodder antibiotics. The Russian Federation market volume of Extrafit thick BAA destined for domestic animals and poultry is valued at $40 mln. The planned share of the Company will make – 5%.

Extrafit thick BAA tests conducted over poultry and pigs have demonstrated their predominance over competing products by the following indices: increases in weight, livestock population preservation, fodder conversion.

Investment needs

 $ 1 495 000

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