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The “Development of shaped charge with a welded element for oil well perforation” project is the winner of the republican contest “Fifty best innovative ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan”, and passed competitive selection on the innovative projects programme “Idea-1000” in the nomination “Start 1”. In July 2008 was established the Limited liability Company “Express technology” for the project realization.


Alexander Andreevich Marsov  – Director, Project manager. PhD of technical sciences, associate professor, Kazan State Technological University.

Ilgiz Fatykhovich Sadykov, Project  scientific consultant. Doctor of technical sciences, Professor. Kazan State Technological University.


The project provides production of perforating shaped charge with a welded element for completion of oil and fiery seams, as axially symmetric cartridges with unique coating construction, performed in the form of spherical calotte with two layers of different metallic materials. 

Application of shaped charge with a welded element allows to get qualitative perforation tunnels with increased geometric dimensions and filtration characteristics. Besides, the proposed charge will cost by 10-15 % lower than standard perforating charges, at the expense of using cheaper materials for coating manufacturing.

The development is protected by RF patent for invention No. 2391620 of 20.04.2009. Patent holder: “Express technology” Limited liability Company.

An analysis of the market

As of today there are more than 10 manufacturers of perforating systems for the petrochemical industry in Russia. The largest are: “NTF “Perfotech” ZAO (CJSC) – takes about 50% of the domestic market of  perforating systems (2005) with sales volume ~ 1,5 mln perforating systems/year; pilot production RFNC     -VNIITF (Snezhinsk) – 250 000 units/year; “BashVzryvTachnology” ZAO (CJSC) - no published information on sales volume; "Russian perforating systems" ZAO (CJSC) – no published information on sales volume. So, the market size of domestic manufactures of perforating systems is more than 3 mln. units per year only at the European part of Russia (published data). Besides, there is a growth trend at the level of 10-15%.

Investment needs

Investments: $350 000

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