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The aim of the project is the development of technologies of a new generation for the production of a wide assortment of liquid food products, including those possessing healing properties on the basis of plant raw materials, mainly of local origin. The “EKOS” company has been created for commercialization of obtained results.


Polivanov Mstislav Alexandrovich – Director. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of food engineering, Attached to the chair of Food Engineering of Small Entities, Professor of Kazan Technological University.

Gumerov Farid Muhammedovich – Chief Research Officer. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Attached to the Chair of “Theoretical Foundations of Heat Technology”, Kazan Technological University.

Gabitov Farizan Rakibovich – Scientific Adviser. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Chair of Theoretical Foundations of Heat Technology.

Sidorov Yury Dmitriyevich – Technical Adviser. Candidate of Technical Sciences. Senior Lecturer -– of Kazan Technological University.

Hairutdinov Vener Failevich – junior research officer, Assistant of the Chair of “Theoretical Foundations of Heat Technology”.


The scientific and technical idea is in the use of supercritical fluidic technology for changing the structure of a natural polymer, in the development and manufacturing of the pilot installation realizing the technology. The change of the structure of a natural polymer saturated with FAVPM is to increase the mass transfer when manufacturing phyto-teas.    

An application has been made for utility patent (No. 200118656 (18.05.2009). The invention is called “Method of processing of plant raw materials (its variants)”.  Authors: A.K. Fahreyev, R.A. Usmanov, V.F. Hairutdinov, Chyong Nam Hyng, D.G. Amirkhanov. Patentee: “Supercritical Technologies” OOO.

An analysis of the market

The world market of phyto-tea (tea made from herbs), including the traditional tea amounts to 4 million tons. During the last 2 years one of the key tendencies in the development of the Russian market of tea has been a rapid growth of the segment of herbal teas. During the last 3 years the segment of herbal teas has increased 2 times. Among the chief tendencies in the development of the market is the increase of the quota of tea prepacked at Russian Companies.

The offered method of supercritical processing of plant raw materials increases the mass transfer of the components in the water phase of the process of its drawing, which, on the one hand highly improves the quality of the drink, on the other, allows to use the plant raw material drawn for food or pharmaceutical purposes more economically (economy of up to 20-25%).  

Investment needs

Investments: $300 000

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