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Creation date: February 5, 2009. The company was established for research and development projects introduction in industrial scale and for carrying development works. The company works in the field of innovative technique development for oil-producing industry, in particular liquid oil sludge treating and recycling. The company is the winner of the contest “Idea-1000” in the following nominations “Start 1” and “Start 2”.


Ruslan Raisovich Zabbarov, Director General

Ismagil Shakirovich Khusnutdinov, Doctor of technical sciences, professor of KSTU, department of  technologies of basic organic and  petrochemical synthesis, scientific consultant

Azat Gabdelfayazovich Khanov – execution of engineering and project documentation and processing equipment calculations.

Alia Gabdelfayazovna Khanova – execution of the scientific part of the project.


The technology of liquid oil sludge treating and recycling is under development. The technology makes it possible to carry out the process of treating oil sludge to the required quality for further use in oil-refining industry. At present existing and used technologies do not permit to deal with sludge formation and recycle them.

In May 2011 was received a patent for invention No.2417245 “Dewatering method of high stable water-hydrocarbon emulsions and its implementation unified complex”

An analysis of the market

Oil treatment is one of the most important processes in the oil-producing industry. Currently the total capacity of all oil treatment plants in Russia is about 50 mln.t/year; and growth of requirements in commercial oil is estimated at ≈10%year. The economic effect of the introduced technology is 65 mln. rubles a year per a plant with capacity 100 thousand t/year. The potential market is 500 plants in the world. The potential cost of the technology is 5% of the introduction cost.

The main competitive advantages of the developed technology are:

Production effectiveness and simplicity. Additional special equipment is not required

Energy efficiency. The technology doesn’t require extra power inputs.

low capital expenditures (available domestic equipment)

environmental friendliness (without toxic emissions)

safety and serviceability. The process shall be implemented under atmospheric pressure. Constructive decision of the technology makes it possible to update the existing oil treatment plants.

Investment needs

Investments: $ 1000 thousand.

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