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«Celoform» project is realized in 2006. It is meant as a local remedy for pyoinflammatory diseases, dosage forms, and powder and и preventives. The company was established in 2008, it obtained target financing for execution of R$D from «Investments venture fund of RT». Previous investments rounds are 2006 г. – 2200000 roubles, 2008-2011 – 3000000 roubles.  


Anton Aleksandrovich Moroshek – general manager, 30 years. Candidate of Medicine, manager of projects of SSO «IVF RT», head of intellectual property and technology transfer department of KSMU, director of clinical research center in KSMU

Said Salmenovich Ksembayev – research manager and initiator of the project, 61 year. Doctor of Medicine, professor. Professor of the chair of childhood dentistry in KSMU.


«Celoform» new product is developed; registration certificate № ФСР 2011/11276 is obtained; specifications are prepared and approved; technological regulations of production are developed; technical, toxicological and clinic tests of the product; its properties are studied; there are recommendations for using in surgery, dentistry, dermatology, allergology, toxicology, pediatrics, and in conditions of life, as personal hygiene means, an application to obtain registration certificate of RF is filed. Patent RF for mode of production № 2 390 591 is obtained, application by РСТ system is filed, the priority is registered in 140 countries.

As a result of the fulfilled works, experimental production and preparation of technical regulations of «Celoform» sorbent production, which permits to move to organization of industrial production and sales.

An analysis of the market

Modern dressing means are mainly presented by expensive foreign production, they have number of contraindications and limited field of application. According to data of DSM Group, sales volume of medications for treatment of skin diseases in 2009 mounted 12826,1 million roubles:

11 841,4 million roubles – in commercial segment.

48 million roubles - by additional medicament provision (AMP) program

936,7 million roubles – to prophylactic medical organizations

But for all that the annual dynamics of growth is about 40%.

According to data of MRC “Pharmexpert”, share of sorbents amounts 3-5 % of that volume, and this is about 0,5 billion roubles. By forecasts, Celoform can obtain at least 15 % of this market till 5th year after start.


Investment needs

Investments:  $ 750 000

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