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The company was established in February 2011 through the program “Start” for the arrangement of production for dietary fibers. The company is engaged in development of production technology of defecate insoluble dietary fibers from beet pulp for meat and bakery industries. The technology will allow to manufacture a dietary component possessing high water-holding capacities and low cost price.


Rasim Khabirovich Safin – Director General, project manager. He has expertise in implementation of R&D, and sales organization. In 2009 he graduated with honor from Kazan State Technological University n.a. Kirov specializing in "Food engineering at small-scale enterprises", in 2011 he graduated master courses at KNRTU. He completed training of the professional development program “Basis of technology commercialization” (FAST TRAC training program and seminars).


“Bunech” ООО develops production technology of clarified insoluble dietary fibers (cellulose, hemicellulose) from beet pulp. The technology will make it possible to produce a water-holding dietary component with functional properties, without loss of native state of the constituent matters. The final product of the project will be both dietary fibers and its production technology. The dietary fibers production technology, as a product, is topical for sugar industry enterprises, where a great deal of beet pulp is produced.

The development of the company “Bunech” is patented for useful model No.2011111216 “Beet pulp Dietary fibers and technical cellulose Production line”.

An analysis of the market

Market of dietary ingredients including dietary fibers is growing fast with the growth of interest and demand in functional food products. The world market of dietary fibers is estimated to 500 mln. Dollars and the Russian market to 18 mln. dollars. The world market of functional food products is constantly expanding, growing annually to15-20%.

There are several dozens of food fibers manufacturers in the world market, and the largest ones are: “CFF GMBH & CO KG”, «J.Rettenmaier & Soehne GMBH+CO», «Interfiber SP. Z.O.O», «Josef Ehrler GmbH & Co. KG» and others. Russian manufacturers: "PTI" Group (Russia-China-Germany), “Fabrika Zdorovogo Pitania” ООО (Tomsk), “Pischevie Stabilizatory” ZAO (CJSC) (Moscow region). Raw materials for producing dietary fibers are processing wastes of fruits, vegetables, cereals and citrus plants.

The competitive position of “Bunech” ООО is in using inexpensive domestic feedstock - sugar-beet pulp. Annual production of dietary fibers by “Bunech” ООО can be 200 tons, when the potential market capacity of dietary fibers in RF reaches 3 500 tons. So, it is expected that share of the company in the Russian market can be more than 5%. 

Investment needs

$ 700 000

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