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Small innovative enterprise “Bioliquid Pro” ООО was established in 2011 at the Kazan (Volga region) federal university. At present the particular direction of researching is development of new means for food preservation and quality control.


Director – Sergey Sergeevich Ryabichko.

Deputy Director of finance – Albina Yurjevna Myshelova.

Deputy Director of development–Diana Irekovna Tazetdinova, PhD of Biology.

Production manager – Vilena Vitaljevna Ivanova.

Scientific consultant – Farida Kashifovna Alimova. Science and theory project management.

Implementation of experimental works:

Engineers: Alina Yurjevna Khramova, Regina Ilgizovna Shakirova, Aydar Bikmullin, Evgeniy Leksin

Laboratory assistants: Ayrat Ibragimov, Rishat Mukhammadiev


A biological preparation is developed for food and plant preservation from mold deterioration, containing a set of hydrolytic microbial enzymes selectively depressing growth of mold fungi and destroying cell walls. The enzymes are not active towards cells of animals and plants, and zero risk. The preparation use will prevent from growth of mold fungi in products, thus, it reduces risk of eating mycotoxins, and will allow to keep some products without packing or sometimes use instead of standard preservatives.

Test systems for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of chitin as a general marker of contamination is under development. These test systems will allow to carry our permanent quality control in industries, as well, any person will be able to determine food quality. In addition, it is intended to draw a table of chitin maximum allowable concentration for different products.

Development strategy of “Bioliquid Pro” ООО (LLC) is aimed to develop 0,5% of the market segment within 5 years

An analysis of the market

Now Russian market of pesticides is a typically herbicidal one. Share of herbicides in 2008 was 61% of the total volume of manufactured chemical weed and pest killers in Russia.

Synthetic fungicides or preparations containing live microorganisms are used for depressing growth of mold fungi in agriculture. Main advantages of the enzyme use are instant action, human and animal safety (other technical parameters hold out ones of other competitive preparations). High effectiveness of the developed biological preparation allows to compete in price too.

Investment needs

$300 000

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