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Creation date – November, 2006.  Volume and source of investment into the Company – total $ 850,000; including: $ 850,000 allotted for a project as per R&D contract with GNO «Investment and Venture Fund of Tatarstan Republic” dated 2007.

Public recognition signs – “Development of the processing method of natural bitumen and oil residues and producing unoxidated bituminous cements” project became a silver prize-winner of the International Salon of Innovations, Scientific Research and New Technologies "Brussels-Eureka-2006", as well as gold prize-winner of the VII Moscow International Salon of Innovations 2007, the diploma of II District Venture 2007 “For successes on the regional market.”


Alexander Yurievich Kopylov – Director. Candidate of technical sciences, Senior Research Officer of ОАО “VNIIUS.” Experience in research and engineering more than 10 years.

Ismagil Shakirovich Khusnutdinov – Scientific Head of the Project. Doctor of technical sciences, professor of Kazan State Technological University. Management of the Company’s scientific activities, generating directions and backlogs in Research and Development area, laboratory and pilot development of technologies.


- Certificates and know-how for new technologies and technological solutions in the area of oil and gas processing and petro-chemistry, research, engineering and technological consultant (technological regulations и basic projects).

At the present time research and development activities were completed on laboratory scale, basic project documentation for a pilot plant for processing natural bitumen into a high-quality unoxidated bituminous cements for road construction and light bitumen oil (raw material for oil refinery).

An analysis of the market

Natural bitumen resources of Russia are more than 20 bln. tons, whereas the world deposit is more than 250 bln. tons, which is comparable with oil resources. At present bitumen deposits are being actively developed in Canada and Venezuela, as well as other countries (Kazakhstan, Iran, China, and so on), extraction and processing of bitumen is just beginning. 1.5 bln tons of bitumen are planned to be extracted in Tatarstan by 2015.

Investment needs

$ 3 000 000

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