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The company is ready to register, the team formed the company and worked on the localization of the Western system of electronic monitoring and testing at the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.


The Director-General Zaramenskih Eugene P. - CEO, 44 years old, MBA, has experience in building and management companies launch their leaders in the IT industry in Russia, as general director IntelGrupp achieve positive results in major projects of the defense industry, government agencies, projects the federal level, in the position of CEO of the creation and adaptation of the western system of electronic monitoring for the stages of testing in the FSIN of Russia, lecturer, life-cycle management of IP HSE. He was awarded an honorary diploma of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Russian Federation "For personal contribution to the development of information technologies in Russia" and other marks.

Project leader Igor Artemiev - Project Manager, 45 years old. Years of experience in law enforcement agencies, IT projects, the federal level, the project manager experience in conducting trials of electronic monitoring equipment in the regional offices of the FSIN of Russia, teaching experience, a lieutenant colonel stock.


To monitor the implementation of restrictions on freedom is supposed to apply these technologies of electronic monitoring:

- Radio frequency monitoring presence inside and outside the premises.

- Tracking of satellite navigation signals of GLONASS and GPS.

- Voice verification.

The electronic monitoring may be used for monitoring:

- Convicted prisoners in open prisons;

- Convicts are allowed to leave the place of detention without escort;

- Persons who are serving a sentence of restraint and other forms of alternative sentencing and criminal legal action, not involving deprivation of liberty;

- Persons released on parole;

- Defendants, suspects and accused persons of limited house arrest or have duty restrictions of moving;

- The other categories of persons.

Western suppliers of electronic monitoring systems are not ready to accommodate production in Russia. This is due to the know-how, technology, supplied for the needs of the special services of other countries. For deliveries to the Russian government needs a major prerequisite for a Russian production.

The structure developed by means of electronic monitoring are:

- Means of personal control;

- Monitoring servers;

- Stationary and mobile monitoring consoles;

- Additional equipment and tools.

Will be developed, electronic bracelets, mobile and stationary control device, stationary and mobile monitoring officer consoles, accessories and tools, the repeater software.

The developed products will compete with products from foreign companies ElmoTech and SGL. The main advantage over Western ones would be: the Russian production, the price of products, the possibility of certification in the certification bodies, the ability to integrate with existing information systems.

An analysis of the market

Consumer products is the FPS of Russia, the Russian Interior Ministry. According to the FSIN of Russia in 2011-2018, the need for control devices will be 150,000 units.Geography of use - all Russian regions. It is further assumed the additional purchase of software and operating this system.

In the near future because of the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation on the humanization of punishment will be a law "On house arrest." This will allow the use of electronic bracelets to the Russian Interior Ministry during the pretrial phase. The expected demand for the Interior Ministry over the same period about 100,000 control units, representing the period 2012-2018 a year - $ 500 million in orders within the FSIN of Russia, the Russian Interior Ministry assumed through competitive procedures in accordance with federal law of 21.07.2005 № 94 - FL. "On placing orders for goods, works and services for state and municipal needs"

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