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The project was started in 2008 through programme “U.M.N.I.K”= M.Y.S.I.C. of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology. In 2011 the company participated in programs: START-1 (Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology) and Idea-1000 (Investment and Venture fund of the Republic of Tatarstan), of the Investment development Agency, and won Zvorykin project prize. In 2012 “AgrotechBio” ООО participated in Skolkovo.

The company personnel works under creation of high efficiency biopharmaceuticals and its production technologies.


Project manager, director - PhD of Biology, Diana Irekovna Tazetdinova.

Scientific consultant – Doctor of Biology Farida Kashifovna Alimova.

Consultant on establishment of small business enterprises - PhD of Biology, Master of small business enterprise establishment Olga Vladimirovna Kozlova.


We have selected effective agronomical beneficial microorganisms for obtaining biofertilizers with pesticide properties. They produce digestible additional feeding for plants and protect them against diseases.

The principle novelty is in double effect of the proposed biological preparation, i.e. it is a fertilizer and protects plants against diseases and initiates their growth.

From setting-up the company we are implementing R&D into creating effective biofertilizers. Two preparations were registered in 2012 and was filed an international patent application.

On R&D completing manufacturing of biological preparations with in-house equipment and selling of a non-exclusive license for preparation industrial technology will be realized.

The expected implementation plan of biological preparations for plant growing: market value – 500 Rub./L., net cost – 150 Rub./L.

An analysis of the market

The potential market for forestry sector is 9 600 000 Rubles.

Total acres of lands used for flower production in Russia are estimated to 5 thousand ha. The potential market for growers of decorative crops is estimated to 4 000 000 Rubles.

There are 3349,7 thousand ha of arable lands in the Republic of Tatarstan. Potential market of RT agricultural use is 600 000 000 Rubles.

So, the potential market for biological preparations is 614 mln. Rubles.

In case of favorable way of business development, we plan to lock in 10-20% of the biological preparations market which amounts to 61,4-122,8 mln. Rubles/year.

Competitive advantages:

- the proposed biopesticide protects plants against a wide range of disease excitants (up to 60 types of pathogens), improves plant immunity.

- the proposed biofertilizer protects plants against diseases, initiates its growth and contains a digestible feeding (organic substances, nitrogen, phosphorus).

- the essential advantage of the proposed biofertilizer is its environmental safety.

- negative stability of pathogens to the preparation.  

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