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October 02, 2007 is the date of the Company foundation. The laboratory is specializing in development and manufacturing of production accessories for casing pipes (turbulizer-centralizers), used in oil-and-gas industry.

NPL Foton, OOO offers to organize precision casting production according to consumable patterns. Application of such a casting method permits to solve one of the main tasks of foundry – that is, casting accuracy enhancement, with equipment and material investments significantly decreased. The main consumers: the laboratory itself, as well as customers using it for manufacturing of production accessories for casing pipes used in oil-and-gas industry, and third-party metal-working organisations.


Mindryukov Anatoliy Nikolayevich – Deputy Director, responsible for commercial affairs, 53 years old. He has reach experience of products promotion and selling in oil-and-gas market.

Nizamov Il’kham Gadnanovich – chief engineer, 53 years old. He exercises control and management of design preproduction. He is the author of multiple research and experimental works.


Turbulizer-centralizers manufactured by NPL Foton, OOO are destined for centering of the oil well casing pipe relative to borehole of a vertical, inclined or horizontal well. Flow energizers-centralizers have the Certificate of compliance TU 3663-006-27913846-2007 and a Utility model patent No. 91101.

An analysis of the market

Oil-and-gas production companies of Russia and CIS countries are the main consumers of our products. The volume of centralizer production market makes approximately 570 thousand $. Planned share of NPL Foton, OOO in the Russian market will make approximately 30%.

In contrast to competing products, flow energizers-centralizers have barrel-shaped centering elements, positioned along generating line in a right-spiral mould. Point contact of centralizers’ centering elements with wellbore walls decreases friction force during the pipe descending. Cast version made of steel imparts high strength to centralizers. Unlike balloon-type centralizers and rigid centralizers-turbulizer, turbulizer-centralizers of TPC-LM type developed by NPL FOTON, OOO are fastened to casing pipe tubes so as to ensure free movement limitation. As a result, an effort made to unseat equipment from its fastening points reaches 100 kN (10 tons), depending on fastening method applied. This figure is approximately 2-4 times as high as performance figures of centralizers produced by other manufacturers.

Investment needs

Investments: $ 1167 thousand.

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