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Employees of Kazan State Agricultural University and the company "Invitro-Povolgie" have carried out investigations on the method of obtaining plants in vitro, adapted to the Russian climate.


Gulnara Dz. Krupina  - General Manager, Project Manager, candidate of economics (Ph.D)., assistant professor of agricultural production management department of  Kazan State Agricultural University.

Radik I.Safin  - Doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, corresponding member of AS RT, Head of "General agriculture, plant protection and breeding" department of Kazan State Agricultural University,

Margaret E. Kovalenko, "Teplichniy" OOO, engineer- technologist.

Valentina V. Perepelkina, a leading specialist in floriculture in "Sovkhoz Kazanskiy Teplichniy" OOO, agronomist- chemist at the "Decorativniye kultury" cooperative farm

Lenar R. Shagivaliev, assistant of "Agricultural production management department of KSAA.


The company plans to commercialize three products:

- Plants in vitro;

- Plants in pots;

- Technology of breeding and cultivating the plants in vitro adapted to the Russian climate.

The development of "Invitro-Povolgie" is protected by the patent for utility model number 97031 "Cassette for cultivation of plants for clonal micromultiplication", registered in the State Register of Utility Models of Russian Federation of August 27, 2010. The patent owner is "Invitro-Povolgie OOO" Authors: Krupina G.D., Safin R.I.

An analysis of the market

The leading market participants of plant market on the basis of vitro technologies are such companies as "Plemennoi zavod Prinevskoe” ZAO (Closed Joint-Stock Company) , "Agroinvitro" OOO,  "Tatiana" farm, Research and Production Center for Biotechnology "Fitogenetika", "Plodovoe" farm  (Entrepreneurer Gavrilova O. F.), "Politsvet" ZAO. The target consumer of plants based on technologies in vitro is agricultural industry.

The world market of the industry of plant cell cultures is estimated at 462,300 mln. rubles. ($ 16571mln.) with a growth rate of 15%. The multiplication of plants in vitro is used in the U.S., Holland, Japan, Italy, UK, New Zealand, France as well as in Poland, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Bangladesh, Nepal, Yugoslavia, Iran, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Gabon, Kenya , Uganda, Cameroon.

The market capacity of seedlings "in vitro"is more than 40 mln. units of cucumber seedlings and about 25 mln. plants of tomato.

Significant competitive advantages of the product offered enabled the company to put the price for plants in vitro at the level of 0.02 thou. rubles ($ 0.72), for plants in pots - 0.50 rubles ($ 17.92), for the technology of breeding and cultivating the plants in vitro adapted to the Russian climate - 8211.67 thou. rubles ($ 294.34 thou.).

Investment needs

Investments: $ 300 000

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